The dominant political message in Alaska may be about economics, but Obama consistently focused primarily on the environment during his trip, frustrating some politicians but bringing crucial truths into the public eye.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Anchorage is ready to play its part in the wise opening of the Arctic region.Mayor Ethan Berkowitz
Don't let those chilly mornings dampen your travel spirits. Layer up and save on late-season dealsScott McMurren

Art Wolfe, host of the PBS series "Travels to the Edge," was leading a workshop in Katmai National Park when he experimented with his GoPro and captured video of bright-red sockeye salmon. 

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Bryan Keith, a filmmaker based in Los Angeles, visited the Kenai Peninsula in June 2015 to earn his floatplane pilot rating. During his downtime, he and fellow pilot/filmmaker Shane McClafferty took the opportunity to film the incredible landscape.

Alaska Dispatch News
Here's a selection of deals to places that start with "K" -- a kaleidoscope of Alaska travel bargains available only in the fall.Scott McMurren
Saturday will mark the 80th anniversary of the death of humorist Will Rogers in a plane crash near Barrow. The former director of the Will Rogers museum in Oklahoma is making a pilgrimage to the site and hopes to meet relatives of the people who brought word of the tragedy to the town.Mike Dunham
Even though the summer days are still here, airlines are cutting prices for late-summer and fall travelers.Scott McMurren
There are few services in the 150-mile run between Delta Junction and Glennallen on the historic Richardson Highway, but we found decent food among the abandoned gold rush sites, relics and rumors of ghosts.Mike Dunham
For Hoonah and other Alaska Native communities, cultural tourism can offer a good source of jobs and revenue. But adding dance performances, cooking demonstrations and historical tours to the fabric of a village economy raises questions not normally faced by hotels or fish-and-chip shops.Jeannette Lee Falsey
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