Set your sights on a day trip just north of Anchorage and you'll be headed toward a lot of adventure with little drive time taking away from your outdoor fun.
Yearly travel deals are right around the corner, and if you live in the more rural parts of Alaska, it's time to get out your calendar.Scott McMurren
Yes, fellow Alaskans, our summer is wrapping up and slowly fading into the ever increasing darkness of winter days to come. Did you get a chance to explore the richness of our great state's natural beauty?
Even though summer appears to have fled for the year, the chances are good you'll find some travel prices cheaper this week than last.Scott McMurren
The Central American country of Costa Rica, just south of Nicaragua, boasts dual coasts: the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Caribbean Sea to the east. Whether you're looking for jungle adventures or lazy days in the sun, Costa Rica's tropical beaches and rain forests offer family vacations or a romantic honeymoon you won't soon forget.
For those of you who just can't wait until PFD sales roll around, Alaska Airlines just announced a system-wide fare sale for travel through Dec. 15, 2010.Scott McMurren
Imagine a vacation where, instead of being pampered and taken care of, you become the person taking care of and helping others. Volunteer vacations are a way of giving back of your time, your knowledge and your heart. Assistance is needed in so many places around world. Many organizations encourage families to volunteer together. A shared experience that will no doubt build bonds between you, your children and those lives you touch with your generosity.Trip Tracker Is Compiled By Joy Guest
With Alaska's weather so topsy-turvy this summer -- Southeast sunburn, anyone? -- now might be the perfect time to cash in some airline miles on an in-state vacation.Scott McMurren
Waterfalls have a way of mesmerizing you as you watch the thunderous waters roar down from their mountain cliffs. Our own Alaska highways are speckled with these beautiful wonders. A road trip down the Richardson Highway to Valdez can only be described as breathtaking. Going Outside for a vacation? Why not pick a spot where the waters rage wild?
Now comes the end of the summertime travel season. Deals are floating in and out of the travel-scape. Act quickly and you can save a bundle.Scott McMurren
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