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Who needs the blues? Spice up your vacation at a smooth, swinging jazz festival. Let your hips sway as the music take you away. Groove to soulful sounds, from Dixieland to big band, swing to bebop.
Do you love to star gaze? Wonder if there's life on far away planets? A trip to one of these planetariums will not only light up your imagination, they also happen to be located in exciting, fun filled cities.
I admit, I've never purchased travel insurance. But in today's travel environment, there are more uncertainties, including our own Mt. Redoubt.Scott McMurren
A reader by the name of Fred wrote me, "How about inexpensive but nice places to stay in Anchorage?" Although your idea of inexpensive may vary, these Alaska gems beat flying south!
I am a Mt. Redoubt survivor. Travel-wise, that is.Scott McMurren
Take a break between high school and college with a sabbatical from the real world. Embark on a journey of self-discovery by backpacking across Europe or riding the rails.
Whether you're looking for some alone time with that special someone or a family vacation, these unique island getaways offer a variety of scenery and activities.
It's a foregone conclusion that fewer tourists will be visiting Alaska this summer. That means there will be plenty of bargains for we Alaskans, particularly in the state's national parks.Scott McMurren
There are deals to be had in packaged travel right now.Scott McMurren
Not into fancy hotels and room service? Alaska is peppered with modest and affordable public use cabins with breathtaking views. Act fast; these humble abodes rent quick. And be prepared to rough it; most cabins provide little more than a roof over your head. But the fresh air and fresh fish make up for it.


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