We spend a lot of time researching where to travel — and how much to pay — but don't forget 'how' to travel.Scott McMurren
Beginning soon, Anchorage is getting a lot of new air service for the summer months, so let's review some key developments.Scott McMurren
Ever wonder what happens to retired school buses? Well, many are sold at auction to start a second career as camionetas or public transportation buses in Guatemala.Gloria J. Maschemeyer
Ahh... the smell of spring, and the occasional snow flurry, is in the air. Time to dust off the cobwebs of your winter hibernation of romance... and no, whatever you did for Valentine's Day does not count. Surprise that special someone with an unforgettable trip to a destination made for amour and reignite those sparks that cooled over the long winter.
Three sets of new discounts are out in the latest round ahead of the summer season, but watch for more as the days get longer.Scott McMurren
Dreaming of catching that epic wave? Whether you're a novice Barney with lofty aspirations or a Crusher with mad skills, surf camps are a great way to learn this rad sport or take it to the next level. Bond with other Bettys and Brohahs in exotic locations around the world, but try not to get rag dolled. Chillax dude... it's all good.
Welcome to the world of ever-changing airline ticket prices.Scott McMurren
Italy offers a view into the artistic world of the Renaissance. After seeing the works of Michelangelo, Botticelli and Raphael in the Sistine Chapel and exploring the beautiful country and historic cities, you will have Italian culture in your heart forever.
As travelers, we're witnessing downward pressure on airfares as more airlines enter the Alaska market, but late last week, the attention shifted to an Alaska Airlines policy revision for ticket changes.Scott McMurren
The independent traveler takes a boat and navigates the Llangollen Canal from England to Wales.Gloria Maschmeyer
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