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Along with being in wet, then frozen, clothes and enduring subzero temperatures with a wind chill estimated at 35 below zero, Johnson was being stalked by a wolverine, which he tried to shoot but ultimately ended up keeping at bay by stabbing at it with a stick.Jillian Rogers
Despite heightened tensions and some well-publicized recent incidents, Russian incursions into airspace near Nordic countries are no more frequent now than in 2012 or 2013, Norwegian military officials say.Trude Pettersen, Barents Observer
The growing trend toward part-time and fixed-term work is hurting Finnish women's incomes and opportunities for advancement, a new study finds.Caroline Arbour
Steady warming over the past 166 years means that lakes are freezing up later, thawing earlier and warming is most noticeable in late fall and early winter.YLE News
Newly released documents suggest federal regulators are collaborating closely with Shell as the company pursues a new round of Arctic drilling next summer, even though an underlying sale of the region's oil leases is still in legal limbo.Jennifer A. Dlouhy | Hearst Newspapers
Russia’s economic meltdown is not slowing plans to expand the country's fleet of strategic missile submarines. One vessel was officially added last week and more will be added in the near future. Thomas Nilsen, Barents Observer
Efforts to move forward with Arctic priorities got a boost with the passage of the federal spending bill last week, which included items Alaska’s lawmakers are calling vital to the Arctic. Carey Restino
A number of studies point to an unmistakable warming trend across the Arctic as sea ice thins or disappears, and it was a hot topic at the American Geophysical Union's fall meeting in San Francisco.Ned Rozell
Clam shells found in the Beaufort Sea floor during a 2010 mapping mission belong to a genus previously unknown to science, according to a new study. The clam shells date back more than a million years.Yereth Rosen

The Shell contractor that broke environmental and maritime safety laws during the oil giant’s troubled 2012 drilling season in Alaska was sentenced on Friday, Dec. 19, to pay $12.2 million in fines and community payments, serve four years’ probation and undergo a company-wide environmental compliance program that will be subjected to the scrutiny of third-party experts.

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