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Tensions and economic restrictions could delay some multinational oil and gas projects in Russia's far north.Mia Bennett
Critics of the Tasman Metals project say they are worried about impacts to Lake Vättern, Sweden's second-largest lake.Radio Sweden
Finland's foreign minister says he agrees with the decision to expand the list of sanctioned individuals in Russia.  YLE News
Russia's Rosneft oil company, facing U.S. sanctions following Russia's seizure of part of neighboring Ukraine, won't be buying part of the huge Point Thomson natural gas field on Alaska's North Slope, Exxon Mobil said Wednesday.Pat Forgey
The country is a leader when it comes to renewable energy and carbon-dioxide reductions, but it lags EU counterparts in some other environmental areas.Radio Sweden
The choice of the former Coast Guard commandant is one of many signals that U.S. Arctic policy emphasizes marine issues. Heather Exner-Pirot
The nickel spill, the largest in Finnish history, is blamed for deaths of mussels and fish.YLE News
The dead pup was the sixth Saimaa ringed seal killed this year in fishing-related accidents. The Saimaa seals are highly endangered, with only 310 in the population.  YLE News
Swedish Prime Minister Fredrick Reinfeldt said he is working to convince other EU nations to take a harder line against Russia for its actions in Ukraine.Radio Sweden

Take a look at the National Research Council report that has determined emerging questions to help researchers understand how changes in the Arctic will affect society and the environment globally.

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