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Every year at the Fur Rendezvous Hide and Horn auction in Anchorage, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game auctions items confiscated from hunters, recovered from road kills or taken in defense of life and property.

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Rondy Horn and Hide auction draws eclectic crowd

March 1, 2015 - 8:40pm -- benanderson
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The annual Fur Rondy Horn and Hide Auction sees the Department of Fish and Game sell animal parts confiscated from hunters, collected from road kills and taken in defense of life and property. And though the auction plays out on stage, there's plenty of fur to see in the crowd, too.

For parents, caring for a newborn can be a draining, trying process. Enter the night nanny -- a caregiver who takes care of the baby's overnight needs, giving parents some much-needed nocturnal respite.Jill Burke
The day before Christmas Eve, the news director of the KSRM Radio Group received a letter in the mail informing her she needed to leave the country. A few days later, the station's news was delivered with an Australian accent for what could have been the last time.Jerzy Shedlock

Bernie Warren started collecting old-school glass electrical insulators, also known as pin insulators, in the 1960s. Almost 50 years later his display of over 2000 items is leaving the state. 

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