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About 50,000 years ago, humans from Africa first set foot in Europe. They hunted woolly mammoths and other big game -- sometimes to extinction. Eventually, they began grazing livestock and raising crops.Halimah Abdullah
An emerging infection similar to one that has caused the extinction of hundreds of frog and toad species around the world is killing salamanders in Europe and could easily spread to the United States, with disastrous effects, scientists reported Thursday.Erika Bolstad
DNA and mating croaks helped confirm the Atlantic Coast leopard frog a distinct species. It has survived in one of the most heavily populated areas on Earth, showing that even in urban areas, new species crop up.
Oceana, an ocean watchdog group, said Thursday that one-third of shrimp sold in America is mislabeled.
Previously thought to be four distinct species, the Oriental fruit fly has now been reclassified as one, potentially boosting pest control efforts.
NATO says it has seen an 'unusual level of air activity over European airspace,' involving 19 Russian bombers and fighters on Wednesday alone. But the flights are more message than menace, experts say.
The Islamic State is a unique hybrid of terrorist group and nation-state that has shown remarkable strategic clarity and organization. But its threat to the America – and America's options for dealing with it – remain limited.
Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback cut taxes to fuel the economy. But many Kansans are dubious about whether it worked, and the governor could pay at the ballot box.Margaret Talev
Gov. Paul LePage announced the breakdown on Thursday and pledged to use the “full extent” of his legal authority to safeguard public health, setting the stage for a court showdown.
A survivalist accused of ambushing two Pennsylvania state troopers, leaving one dead and seriously injuring the other, was captured on Thursday by U.S. marshals in an abandoned airplane hangar, ending a seven-week manhunt for him, authorities said.


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