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Two Anchorage men were critically injured when a small plane flying over the Iron Dog snowmachine race crashed near Rainy Pass Lodge on Alaska's Iditarod Trail.Colleen Mondor
Arctic Slope Regional Corp.'s total contributions to a Native corporation revenue sharing program required by the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971 topped $1 billion for the first time.Jeannette Lee Falsey
Lawmakers are looking to cut funding for a popular $180,000 program that supports schools, farmers and healthier eating in Alaska. But there's hope the federal government will help it survive at least another year.Alex DeMarban
The drug seizure has resulted in a single federal charge against John Albert Honeycutt Jr., who investigators say told them the 4-pound package of marijuana was intended for personal use.Jerzy Shedlock
With personal-use growing now allowed to Alaskans over 21, and since not everyone has a green thumb, a reader wonders if there would be any problems in starting a business to coach home growers.Scott Woodham
The search continues for a dropped dog from Iditarod musher Laura Allaway's team that ran away from a handler last month in South Anchorage.Suzanna Caldwell
The Alaska Senate Finance Committee on Wednesday proposed to cancel annual cost-of-living increases for state employees, a measure designed to help close a multibillion-dollar budget deficit by shaving $30 million from unrestricted general fund spending next year and $57 million in total. Nathaniel Herz
The first bill that reaches the governor's desk is destined to be the first one he will veto, Gov. Bill Walker told Commonwealth North in Anchorage on Wednesday.Dermot Cole
Alaska State Troopers said they've recovered the body of a man who's been missing for more than a month in Southwest Alaska.Megan Edge
The most recent campaign finance reports show Anchorage mayoral candidate Ethan Berkowitz raised more than his three main opponents combined in March.Devin Kelly
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