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Two Anchorage men were critically injured when a small plane flying over the Iron Dog snowmachine race crashed near Rainy Pass Lodge on Alaska's Iditarod Trail.Colleen Mondor
Eight months after a collision in West Anchorage left a bicyclist dead, state prosecutors have decided not to prosecute the driver. Video surveillance and an investigation of what happened revealed a complicated and tragic accident.Craig Medred
An accused bank robber’s run from the FBI ended recently when, charges say, his stolen minivan ran out of gas outside of Wasilla. Prosecutors on Wednesday charged James D. Surrells with the Aug. 13 hold-up of an East Anchorage bank.Kyle Hopkins
Two California residents received years in prison and tens of thousands of dollars in fines for stealing identities there and in Alaska, part of a scheme involving the filing of false income tax returns.Jerzy Shedlock
The economic benefits of reduced-scale energy projects scattered around Alaska are obvious, and for most there is little environmental impact. Small, local energy projects also would enhance the rural lifestyle instead of degrading it.John Schandelmeier
The biggest back-to-school controversy at the University of Alaska this year has been the $320,000 bonus the UA Regents offered to UA President Pat Gamble, an idea that will be reconsidered at Gamble's request. This is the wrong time to get a bonus, he said.Alaska Dispatch News
The credit rating agency Moody's Investors Service gave a seal of approval to Alaskans' rejection of Ballot Measure 1, which kept the oil-tax structure known as the More Alaska Production Act in place.Alex DeMarban
The wettest summer in the history of Fairbanks continues to show no sign of drying out. The opening hours of September brought about 2.24 inches of rain, the most in any 24-hour period in any September going back to the early 1900s. Alaska Dispatch News


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