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Alaska Independence Party candidate Vic Kohring withdrew from the U.S. Senate race Tuesday and urged his supporters to back Republican nominee Dan Sullivan instead.Nathaniel Herz
The withdrawal of surprise primary election winner Thom Walker has cleared the way for Libertarian Mark Fish to appear on November's general election ballot.Pat Forgey
Independent gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker and Democratic nominee Byron Mallott officially announced their joint ticket in a bid to unseat Gov. Sean Parnell in November. Walker will be the top of the ticket, with Mallott his lieutenant governor.Richard Mauer
The campaign of Alaska U.S. Sen. Mark Begich asked televisions stations Monday morning to stop running a controversial commercial citing a high-profile murder and sexual assault case, following a request from an attorney for the family of the victims.Nathaniel Herz

On Monday night, a vote by the Alaska Democratic Party's central committee cleared the way for Bill Walker and Byron Mallott to join forces on an independent ticket for governor. Here's a look at what led up to the historic decision.

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