Is Alaska Copper River salmon really that good?

Craig Medred

There's no doubt Copper River king and red salmon are pricey -- and after a long, hard winter, they're  much anticipated by fish aficionados.

Some go so far as to claim they're Alaska's tastiest fish. Others say they're simply the best marketed, and point to other Alaska fish that can stake a claim as the tastiest.

Among them: Yukon River kings packed with high levels of fish oil to help them navigate a 2,000-mile swim to their spawning grounds; white feeder king salmon; ocean-bright kings; halibut cheeks; red salmon; yelloweye rockfish; lingcod and black cod/sablefish. Of course, a fresh, well-bled fish is the prime ingredient. Here's a simple salmon recipe that often turns out well:   

• Half stick of softened butter, five cloves of garlic, juice from one lime and fresh dill. Let it firm up in the freezer.

• Spread it on top of your salmon.

• Cook atop aluminum foil on a grill -- but not too long. As the flesh is firming up, get it off the heat.

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