Alaska Dispatch's Best Stories: Jan. 7 - 13

Alaska Dispatch staff

What a week of news in the Last Frontier.

All eyes were on Nome this week as a Russian-flagged tanker and her U.S. Coast Guard escort slowly cut through deep winter, Bering Sea ice in order to deliver fuel to Northwest Alaska and the rural communities in need there.

It's been a particularly hard winter for the 49th state -- from record-breaking snowfalls in Southcentral Alaska to bitter cold farther north. As if the Renda wasn't a captivating enough story, snowfall was such on Prince William Sound that buildings buckled under the sheer accumulation.

This week, Alaska Dispatch also covered Skwenta legend Joe Delia's move to Anchorage and we explored the shady history of the Glenn Highway's namesake.

Here are some of our best reports of the week.