Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: April 22-28

Alaska Dispatch staff

What happens when you combine Ted Nugent, hipsters, albino killer whales and duck-billed Arctic dinosaurs? Just another week of news from the Last Frontier.

Big stories this week in Alaska revolved around "The Nuge," who pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor federal violation of hunting laws. Did he or didn't he know he was violating the law? Dispatch Outdoors staff writer Craig Medred explores that and other angles to the story. But Nugent's bear wasn't the only megafauna to make headlines. Scientists continued to publish research on prehistoric Alaskans -- dinosaurs that roamed the North Slope and even stayed all winter long. And then there was the first-ever video of an albino killer whale, seen in Russia, that was believed to have watered off the Alaska coastline just a few years ago.

Big political stories this week? You betcha. In a showdown between the governor of Alaska and the Alaska Legislature over oil taxes, it would by most accounts appear the governor blinked first. Read more about it in Amanda Coyne's ongoing coverage of the special session. You'll find links to these and other stories that mattered to Alaskans right here.

  1. 1 Frigid water, wacky costumes, spray aplenty: Alyeska Slush Cup

    It's a crowdpleaser: Put together funny outfits, skis, and a frothy lake of icy cold water, and what do you get? The annual slush cup in Girdwood, Alaska.

  2. 2 Stubborn, duck-billed hadrosaurs loved Arctic Alaska's frigid winters

    These toothy four-ton dinosaurs remained in their Arctic slope habitat throughout the dim polar night, exhibiting the same ecological moxie of present-day Alaskans.

  3. 3 Alaska Native headed to London Olympics for wheelchair racing

    Originally of Barrow, wheelchair marathon racer Shirley Reilly has a decent chance of medaling at the London Summer Olympics. Yet many Alaskans have never heard of her. 

  4. 4 Photos: A spectacular sunset over Alaska's largest city

    When the spring sun begins to set, Anchorage is a postcard anyone would want to live in. Lucky us.

  5. 5 Who knew? Anchorage among 'America's best cities for hipsters'

    Break out the PBR and the horn-rimmed glasses: Alaska's largest city is one of the best in the country for hipster living -- which is cool if you're into that sort of thing.

  6. 6 Parnell 'quits' push for billions in tax breaks to Alaska oil producers

    Stunning reversal: Gov. Sean Parnell has called off the oil tax debate, a move that comes less than two weeks after he demanded a special legislative session aimed at offering up to $2 billion in tax breaks to Big Oil.

  7. 7 Alaska Senate abruptly adjourns, calling Parnell's actions 'unauthorized'

    In an unprecedented move, the Alaska Senate adjourned on Thursday less than two weeks into a 30-day special session, rejecting Gov. Sean Parnell's order to take oil taxes off the table in the special session that Parnell called. 

  8. 8 Does Russia's white killer whale have an Alaska past?

    Sightings of white killer whales are rare. But an extraordinary albino killer whale seen in Russia in 2010 may have a history in Alaska waters, if other sightings are an indication.

  9. 9 Anchorage, Fairbanks among 'most dangerous cities for women'

    A high incidence of sexual assault and rape in Alaska's two largest cities have landed them in poor standing among U.S. cities ranked by how dangerous they are for women.