Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: April 29-May 5

Craig Medred

What stories mattered most in Alaska this week?

If readership is any indicator, the Ron Paul revolution in the 49th state continues to grip political watchers here, all the way to Washington, D.C. Many moderate Republicans were shocked by what's been described as a hostile takeover of the state GOP by Ron Paul libertarians, who this week were criticized by party standard-bearers like Andrew Halcro for their rudeness and disorganization. Alaska Dispatch staff writer Amanda Coyne was the only local reporter to cover the raucous state GOP convention, and her coverage was picked up by such major political news outlets as Politico and the Washington Post. Read all about it here.

Other noteworthy headlines and headliners: Climate change again was a hot topic on the web this week, and Alaska Dispatch stories about melting Arctic ice, renewable energy in the Bush and possible changes atop the Arctic food chain. A Dispatch contributor wonders whether the notorious Iliamna Lake "monster" isn't really just a massive sleeper shark -- and his theory lit up the web and garnered links from science and conspiracy websites across the country.

Without further adieu, Alaska Dispatch's best stories of the week.

  1. 1 Alaska GOP's new chair: 'God prevailed' in victory by Ron Paul supporters

    The Alaska Republican Party has its first new chairman in years after voting Ron Paul supporter Russ Millette to take over the post at the group's convention in Anchorage. Even Joe Miller helped out.

  2. 2 Scientist wonders if Nessie-like monster in Alaska lake is a sleeper shark

    If sleep sharks turn out to be the culprits described as monsters in Loch Ness and Lake Iliamna, their somewhat ho-hum reputation based, in part, on their uninspiring name may be due for an update.

  3. 3 Wind power fuels Alaska's push for rural renewable energy sources

    Alaska's alternative energy revolution will take a new twist this summer when 15 turbines spin to life over a trio of Southwest Alaska villages, in one of the most notable wind projects ever to reach the Bush.

  4. 4 Melting glaciers of Greenland show good news for rising sea levels

    New study on the melt rate of 200 of Greenland's glaciers offers good news and bad news on global warming as well as changes in the Earth's sea levels.

  5. 5 Alaska Squirrel Foundation wants more than just peanuts from lawmakers

    SATIRE: The Alaska Squirrel Federation is preparing a pitch for state money to fund a relocation and rescue program to benefit Alaskans and help save the lives of squirrels.

  6. 6 Senators booed by Ron Paul supporters at Alaska GOP convention

    Strange things done when the Alaska tea party meets the Ron Paulites -- namely two Republican U.S. senators nearly get heckled off stage.

  7. 7 Refineries full, tanker sent back to Valdez with oil

    "Valdez inventories are pretty high. Our inventories are high. Nobody is taking much crude on the West Coast," said Bill Kidd, a spokesman with the BP refinery in Washington.

  8. 8 Alaska's louder and ruder Republican Party

    OPINION: Randy Ruedrich, the outgoing Alaska GOP chairman, was qualified, connected and experienced navigating rough-and-tumble politics. In other words, he's everything that incoming chairman Russ Millette is not.

  9. 9 Fight over clean water shuts down Alaska's Sheep Creek Lodge

    An Alaska tourist hotspot has shut down in the wake of a battle over clean water requirements. Was it a matter of public safety or an example of government overreach?

  10. 10 Eagles cost Unalaska an arm and a leg

    Imagine massive, carnivorous, scavenging birds hanging around, as numerous as pigeons on the National Mall. The Concerned worry Unalaska will be bankrupt if it has to keep paying exorbitant permit fees to address its eagle problem.