Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: Aug. 18-24, 2013

Craig Medred
Miss a week? Tsk, tsk. Catch up on the highlights here.

Miss a week? Here's a collection of Alaska Dispatch's best stories, videos and photo galleries from the third week in August. From massive, flaming tornadoes and angry mama moose, to accidental privacy violations and efforts to stop impaired driving. There's something for everyone, just like the Alaska State Fair in Palmer, which began Thursday.

  1. 1 This Weekend special edition: The 2013 Alaska State Fair

    What's going on with the Alaska State Fair? Nothing but a whole lot of awesome, from Ferris wheels to Foreigner. Giant vegetables, and more food than you can shake a stick at.

  2. 2 A summer when Alaskans got to wear T-shirts and shorts on ice glaciers, comfortably

    With warm sunny days for weeks on end, tourists and locals in Southeast Alaska are basking in a summer to remember -- and profit from if you're in the tourism industry. 

  3. 3 Photos: 1 year later, is Anchorage still the country's least fashionable city?

    So Anchorage, it’s been a little more than a year since Travel & Leisure magazine put us at the bottom of its list of the worst-dressed people in America. It’s worth asking if the worst-dressed title did anything to advance our aesthetic or just cement us in careless and casual ways.

  4. 4 Is Alaska Moose Federation abiding by its state permit?

    ANALYSIS: The Alaska Moose Federation appears to not be abiding by its permit, which requires minimal human contact with orphaned moose calves entrusted to the organization. Is there a chance that diseased moose could be transported elsewhere in Alaska?

  5. 5 Email accident violates privacy of thousands of Hope Community clients

    Hope Community Resources inadvertently dispersed private identification information on more than 3,700 clients – disabled Alaska families and individuals across the state – in an email survey, Monday night.

  6. 6 Recent tragedies cast long shadow on efforts to curtail impaired driving

    There was a DUI-related death the same weekend Anchorage initiated a new dragnet for impaired drivers staffed in part by civilian volunteers.

  7. 7 Re-examining Alaska domestic violence crime and punishment

    The Alaska Justice Center, a research arm of UAA highly involved in criminal justice research, has received a $79,000 grant to examine how domestic violence and sexual assault cases are handled.

  8. 8 Photos: Pyro clouds whisk flames and soot of Alaska wildfire high into sky

    Pyrocumulus clouds deliver heat and pollution into the sky on a gust of ground-warmed air. Not exactly your pleasant or typical Alaska cloud phenomenon.

  9. 9 Photos: Another kind of downhill at Alyeska Resort's bike park

    Alyeska Resort in Girdwood is best-known for its wintertime activities, but the skiing destination has been beefing up its summertime slopes as well for extreme mountain bikers.

  10. 10 Alaska aviators: Is that a drone in your airspace?

    Alaska's skies may be Ground Zero for an FAA test project to transition drones into the broader domestic airspace.