Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: Aug. 25-31, 2013

Craig Medred

Newsweek from the North: Aviation community grapples with uptick in deadly accidents, movement to repeal marijuana prohibition emboldened, an Anchorage puppet master passes and wildcatters find new ways to squeeze oil from old Cook Inlet. The Alaska State Fair's gourd king was again thwarted from record-breaking vegetable notoriety when a puncture was discovered in his 1,800-pound pumpkin. These and other stories were movers and shakers in Alaska the week of Aug. 25-30, 2013.

  1. 1 Grieving for young couple, victims of Alaska's most recent fatal plane crash

    Condolences flowed into Anchorage from friends and family across the state in remembrance of the young Alaskan couple who died in a plane crash at Merrill Field on Saturday.

  2. 2 Alaska Supreme Court considering prisoner's plea that due process rights denied

    An inmate at Spring Creek Correctional Center was found guilty at a state disciplinary hearing of “hoarding medication” after two pills were found in his jail cell. But was his access to evidence or witnesses denied? 

  3. 3 Wildfires: $1 billion burned fighting flames across Alaska, US West

    Nearly 600 fires charred more than a million acres as Alaska sweltered under record-setting temperatures. In fact, more than a third of the nation's scorched earth so far this summer happened in Alaska, contributing to the Forest Service's renege on $600 million in contracts owed to timber and tourism interests in Alaska and 15 other states.

  4. 4 Arts community mourns beloved Anchorage puppeteer Buzz Schwall

    Marionette master Buzz Schwall died suddenly in Anchorage on Monday night, but his contribution to the arts and dedication to his muse will be remembered for a long time.

  5. 5 Feds say no to busting pot users in green states as Alaska's decision nears

    Decades of marijuana fears sparked by propaganda like the "Reefer Madness" campaign and farming interests were critical to the federal government's War on Drugs and a prison industry addicted to narcotics sentencing. On Thursday, government shifted away from cannabis prohibition.

  6. 6 A death in Oregon sparks another look at 'Into the Wild'

    Eighteen-year-old Johnathan Croom has been found dead, and his parents believe some responsibility belongs to tales told of Chris McCandless, a young man who starved to death while seeking solitude in the Alaska wilderness.

  7. 7 Cook Inlet Energy squeezes more from a once-dead Alaska oil field

    Cook Inlet Energy is having success at using new methods to coax new production from formerly closed oil wells offshore in Southcentral Alaska.

  8. 8 Photos: Palmer's Scott Robb sets another world record at the Alaska State Fair

    Scott Robb might not break his own green cabbage world record, but that doesn't mean his jumbo veggies won't be gunning for other coveted honors at the Alaska State Fair.

  9. 9 'Alaskan Steel Men' hopes to make mark on Last Frontier's crowded reality-TV scene

    Is America ready for another Alaska-based reality TV show about a tough group of blue-collar workers located in a remote part of the state? Ready or not, here comes “Alaskan Steel Men.”