Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: Dec. 29, 2012-Jan. 4, 2013

Craig Medred

As 2012 ended and 2013 began, an international breaking news event began to unfold in the Pacific Ocean waters of the Gulf of Alaska. A mobile drilling rig operated by Shell Oil in support of its U.S. Arctic offshore exploration program was lost in a storm that had rolled in -- crew was evacuated and the Kulluk eventually grounded off the shores of Sitkalidak Island, just south of Kodiak.

The U.S. Army joined a cadre of support personnel and staff from Fairbanks to Seattle and beyond as the world watched and waited. Alaska Dispatch covered the story from the beginning -- and coverage continues. Here are a few of the big headlines from that event and other news stories of interest from the Last Frontier during the week of the New Year 2013.