Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: Feb. 2-8

Alaska Dispatch staff

Winter endurance training, Alaska Republican in-fighting, Wayne Anthony Ross and Yukon Quest: Here's a look at the biggest, boldest and most popular stories from Alaska Dispatch for the week of February 2-8, 2012.

  1. 1 Wayne Anthony Ross's new memoir, fun read despite rough edges

    Some of the stories attorney and GOP insider Wayne Anthony Ross tells of an earlier Alaska are gems, but he should ask his editor for the money back.

  2. 2 An uphill endurance test for Army bragging rights

    Imagine running or snowshoeing up the steep, icy road leading to Arctic Valley while lugging 185 pounds of gear. To civilians, it might sound like torture. But for JBER's paratroopers, it's a highly anticipated endurance test. 

  3. 3 For sale: Half-built 'Igloo City' (plus gift shop)

    Abandoned and neglected, Igloo City sits 180 miles north of Anchorage along the George Parks Highway on the quiet drive to Denali National Park and Preserve.

  4. 4 'Alaska Pickers' scour the state for long-lost treasures

    Forget the jolly pleasantries of “Antiques Roadshow;” this Palmer family digs through Alaska-sized mountains of junk to unearth valuable pieces of the past.

  5. 5 State: Pipeline boom-era law shields Shell Oil from Kulluk property tax

    The decision by a state of Alaska oil and gas tax assessor amounts to a step back from earlier reports -- from Shell Oil and state officials -- that as much as $5-$6 million in taxes were at stake if the Kulluk drill rig didn't exit Alaska waters by New Year's Day.

  6. 6 How tough are conflict-of-interest rules on Alaska lawmakers?

    When Alaska legislators believe they have a conflict of interest, they’ll ask for permission to abstain from voting. If there’s even a single objection -- often there’s a chorus -- they're required to vote, even if a matter directly affects the company that signs their checks.

  7. 7 US late to Arctic resources race but Canadians offer an assist

    Alaskan lawmakers have said for years that the U.S. is losing the race for the Arctic. Could a concerted effort with Canada turn that luck around in the Far North?

  8. 8 Struggling with just 7 dogs, Mackey pulls out of Yukon Quest

    Once considered invincible, four-time Yukon Quest champion Lance Mackey scratched in Dawson for the first time in the 1,000-mile race from Canada to Alaska. This year, he struggled from the start. 

  9. 9 Mythbusting 'the place where two oceans meet' in the Gulf of Alaska

    Photos dubbed "the place where two oceans meet" have been making the rounds on the Internet for years, but there's a lot of misinformation out there about them. Here's what you can tell your friend next time they share that "really cool photo" on social media.

  10. 10 Stern warning for Alaska lawmakers about ballooning health-care costs

    As Gov. Sean Parnell fights to cut oil and gas taxes, one of his lieutenants appeared before lawmakers Monday to warn that health-care expenses are growing so fast they threaten to overwhelm Alaska state government.