Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: Feb. 9-15

Alaska Dispatch staff

Stories that mattered in Alaska this week: Gov. Parnell announces another deadline is met in his quest for a gasline, a look at the Alaska GOP's infighting, a new exhibit that "finally tells the story of Alaska aviation" and a school janitor puts a face on school district cutbacks.

  1. 1 Is latest Alaska gasline commitment another dog-and-pony show?

    Gov. Sean Parnell becomes the latest Alaska governor to call his (or her) developments toward a gasline "historic" but the federal coordinator for such a project wants permit applications before going so far.

  2. 2 When a sled dog dies, should its musher be allowed to continue?

    Four Alaska sled dog deaths within a couple of weeks ignites debate among mushers and fans of sled-dog racing:  Should racers be allowed to continue if an animal perishes?

  3. 3 Alaska's aviation story finally told in 'Arctic Flight' exhibit

    While "Arctic Flight" embraces the bush pilot myth, it seriously reminds visitors that aviation has first and foremost always been about work.

  4. 4 School budgets minus janitors = bloody mess

    A West High School janitor is among the staffers who may be laid off as the Anchorage School District cuts costs. She trembles to consider the messes that won't get cleaned up promptly.

  5. 5 Alaska GOP's big tent: Too big, or too big to fail?

    ANALYSIS: The spat between Alaska Republicans may just be a microcosm, and campaign finance laws could mean political parties are irrelevant -- especially since so many Alaskans are registered without a party.

  6. 6 Iceland airline's 'over the top' flights will connect Alaska to Europe

    New service over the Arctic Circle will redraw the map for Alaskans who can fly nonstop to Europe's doorstep faster than Dallas or Atlanta.

  7. 7 Add Fat Tire bike races to Talkeetna's winter calendar of only-in-Alaska events

    Trio in Talkeetna: Fresh powder, warm temperatures and a few bands showed up along with about 90 fat-tire snow bikers underneath the Alaskan Range in swinging Talkeetna, last weekend, for seven hours of racing and seven hours of partying.

  8. 8 Will crusty outdoors tale like 'Big Red' resonate with kids today?

    I’m looking forward to sharing some “big girl” books with my granddaughter, whose idea of a good author still tilts toward Dr. Seuss -- and one of my favorites, "Big Red", is on the list.