Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: July 1-6

Craig Medred

Stories that mattered: Unfortunately for journalists and media mavens across the world, news doesn't take a break for national holidays. The midweek Fourth of July holiday brought lots of interesting features, and even a bit of breaking news from Alaska, though.

One story that's still developing comes from Seward, where a Mount Marathon racer is still missing more than a day after the annual Independence Day slog. In the race's storied 85-year history, no one has ever died, though many have been seriously injured. 

Fireworks shows dazzled Alaskans across the state and we offer a photo essay that details all of the logistics and planning going into Anchorage's annual display. Bethel, Alaska, may not have gotten a Taco Bell, but Taco Bell got Bethel -- airlifting 10,000 tacos out to Bush Alaska in what's been described as one elaborate commercial op. And check out our features on summer travel -- whether it's down the road to Prince William Sound or out of state in search of America's past, we've got you covered.

  1. 1 Alaska reeling from sudden death of revered Eagle elder and renaissance man

    Chief Isaac Juneby, renaissance man: How the traditional villager conquered personal demons to become a respected leader and friend to many.

  2. 2 Photo essay: How Matt Novakovich trained to win 2012 Mount Marathon

    Other than victories earlier this summer in two uphill-only races that serve as run-ups to Mount Marathon -- Bird Ridge and Government Peak -- more than 85 percent of Matt Novakovich’s training had taken place indoors.

  3. 3 Search expands for missing Mount Marathon racer from Anchorage

    Search for 66-year-old Michael LeMaitre of Anchorage fruitless so far. Former Mount Marathon champion Brad Precosky says rainfall makes it a "life-threatening situation."

  4. 4 Fireworks: Behind the big booms that light up Anchorage skies

    Family-owned company headed by Kylie Clark faces challenges head on to light up Alaska skies.

  5. 5 Jim Gray: Libertarian vice presidential candidate visits Alaska

    The Libertarian Party finally has two respectable candidates for the presidential ticket, including veep hopeful Jim Gray, who was in Alaska this July Fourth week, trying to get the word out.

  6. 6 Summer travel ideas: Visiting America's monuments to freedom

    Now that the barbecues are over and fireworks spent, get out and commemorate American independence at memorials and museums in Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, D.C. and in Europe.

  7. 7 Kayaking through the bugs of Alaska's Prince William Sound

    A note from a summer family kayak adventure in Prince William Sound: There will be bugs.

  8. 8 Bethel: Bye bye tacos, hello swimming pool

    Taco Bell has come and gone faster than a winter blizzard to a small town in western Alaska. But there's more to look forward to. A new pool in Bethel will make an ever bigger splash.

  9. 9 Photos: 'Earth As Art' poll includes stunning views of Alaska

    The U.S. Geological Survey photo contest "Earth As Art" features five beautiful photos of Alaska.

  10. 10 How numerous Alaska reality TV series are distorting Alaskans

    Remember when the media focus was on the other Alaska wildlife -- the moose, the Dall sheep, the whales, the grizzlies? They're too tame these days.