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Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: July 15-21

Alaska Dispatch staff

News stories that surprised even us: Joe Miller makes a return to the public square, not (yet) as a candidate for statewide office in Alaska, but apparently as a newsman. Miller, who lost Alaska's U.S. Senate contest in 2010, subsequently took several Alaska news outlets to court. Now Miller has joined the media scrum he once detested. Jill Burke has the full story.

Nearly as weird as Miller's publishing debut? A famous fence in Anchorage kills again. Yes - you read that right. No need to try and summarize what Alaska Dispatch contributor Rick Sinnott communicates so precisely:

If a house can have a personality, and surely a mansion with its own name can be said to have its own personality, the Atwood Mansion is one haunted by ghosts, the ghosts of moose. Something at the Atwood Mansion has killed four young moose in the last three years, each one disemboweled and draped limply over its gothic fence like the corpses of Vlad the Impaler’s victims.

Farther down the road, along the Kenai River, another bloodbath consumed the energy of hundreds if not thousands of Alaskans this week. The annual bloody salmon slaughter Alaskans lovingly call sockeye dipnetting is nearing apex on the Kenai and Craig Medred offers a vivid, firsthand account of the glorious carnage.

Enjoy these and other stories that mattered most -- to us, anyway -- in Alaska this week.

  1. Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: July 15-21

    News of the weird dominated Alaska Dispatch's lineup in mid July.