Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: July 21-27, 2013

Craig Medred

Take a look at the best news stories of the week from Alaska Dispatch. From a potential new player in Anchorage politics to early season berry-picking prospects, the 2013 World Eskimo Indian Olympics, and "Fish Camp Barbie," if you miss a week, you miss a lot.

  1. 1 Mao Tosi: Next mayor of Anchorage?

    The imposing 6-foot-6 former NFL defensive end Mao Tosi has been dedicated to helping local kids excel, and now is considering a run for the mayor of Alaska's largest city.

  2. 2 Alaskans turn to Texas for advice on how to turn the tide on overflowing prisons

    Texas has managed to hold down costs and crime, but it took numerous individual measures to address a variety of problems. Alaska is looking to adopt some of the techniques. 

  3. 3 Photos: Alaska BBoys learn from the stars

    Aspiring BBoys from across Alaska flocked to East High on Friday afternoon, hoping for a little facetime with some of their favorite break dancers. The free workshop, organized by Mao Tosi and his group AK Pride, drew approximately 20 BBoys, some as young as 9 years old.

  4. 4 Photos: Early-season berry picking proves fruitful

    Even though it's still July, there are wild berries aplenty to pick. You just have to know where to look. Raspberries, watermelon berries and crowberries are plentiful, with currants, blueberries and high bush cranberries ripening now.

  5. 5 State records detail prior allegations of abuse against Bethel's Peter Tony

    Records released concerning Peter and Marilyn Tony’s foster care profile refer to five reports of alleged sexual abuse by Peter prior to the report in 1998 that caused the couple’s foster care license to be revoked.

  6. 6 AK Beat: 'Fish Camp Barbie' lends a hand

    Indigenized Barbie can do everything, and with a grandmother-approved Alaska Native knife, she can butcher salmon without getting anything on herself or her colorful outfit.

  7. 7 Renowned Alaska Native healer Blumenstein hopscotches from old world to new

    The first certified tribal doctor of Alaska, Rita Blumenstein divides her time these days between the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium and the International Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers.

  8. 8 Alaska’s controversial HAARP facility closed -- will it come back online?

    The controversial HAARP antenna array outside Gakona, Alaska, has been shuttered, at least for the time being. Will it come back online, or has its research disappointed the military one too many times?

  9. 9 Fortunate finish to collision between plane and boat on Naknek River on Sunday

    Pilot Ray "Sonny" Petersen, 62, and the son of a pioneer Alaska aviator, recounted the accident during which his Cessna 207 float plane collided with the fishing boat of guide Ted Gibson on the Naknek River on Sunday afternoon. Ten people were involved with only three minor injuries.  

  10. 10 Photos: Best of World Eskimo Indian Olympics 2013

    The 52nd World Eskimo Indian Olympics, which wrapped up Saturday evening in Fairbanks, saw plenty of traditional games and dancing, and even saw a world record fall.