Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: July 29-Aug. 3

Craig Medred

Big stories in Alaska this week: An Alaska icon dies, a drowning bear cub is rescued by Alaska fishermen and a drowning Anchorage man is rescued by a Utah hiker.

As summer passes its zenith, locally-grown food becomes a hot topic of conversation. This year, the West Coast food cart craze has finally hit Alaska's largest city, with successful Anchorage chefs hitting the byways of Spenard to deliver high-class food from a truck. And that food news comes just as Alaskans look forward to food cooperatives landing in the 49th state, too. Will co-ops change the way we shop for groceries?

Pretty pictures: A hot air balloon floats over the quiet majesty of Arctic glaciers, Alaska Dispatch's staff bush pilot heads out in search of the elusive Mount Stevens (with photographer and writer in tow, of course), Arctic Thunder wows a whole herd of Alaskans, and more. Check it out before it becomes yesterday's news.

  1. 1 Who's really an Alaskan?

    Yakutat commercial fisherman David Negus can make a claim impossible for most in the 49th state: He is an officially certified Alaska resident.

  2. 2 Alaska fishermen rescue drowning bear cub (video)

    Mike Polocz was floating down the Kenai River when he stumbled upon a bear cub trapped in an eddy. He was determined not to let it drown.

  3. 3 Turning every leaf: Daughter's Mt. Marathon search goes on

    MaryAnne LeMaitre, the daughter of the man who went missing at Seward, Alaska's legendary Mt. Marathon race on the Fourth of July credits others in her decision to continue turning every leaf.

  4. 4 Photos: Searching the Alaska Range for Mount Stevens

    Back out to the Alaska Range in search of Mount Stevens and an only-in-Alaska "window tower" near Talkeetna.

  5. 5 Food truck craze hits Anchorage as chefs deliver fine dining on the streets

    A new roving food truck in Alaska's largest city features chefs formerly at top-end Anchorage restaurants including Marx Bros. Cafe, who are taking dining on the road.

  6. 6 Utah hiker saves Anchorage man drowning in frigid Portage Lake

    A questionable decision to go swimming in frigid Portage Lake nearly killed an Anchorage man but for the heroics of a Utah hiker.

  7. 7 Stunning photo of balloon, iceberg in National Geographic contest

    Photographer Michelle Valberg said she believes the voyage is the highest-latitude passenger flight on a hot air balloon ever taken.

  8. 8 Food co-ops look to change the way Alaskans shop for groceries

    The cooperative market is a familiar concept to the Lower 48, but it will be a grand experiment in Alaska, as Juneau and Fairbanks both hope to open customer-owned grocery stores.

  9. 9 Slideshow: Arctic Thunder 2012

    Arctic Thunder: An estimated 125,000-150,000 people attended day one of the biannual air show at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson near Anchorage, Alaska. If all attendees were state residents, that would amount to 1 in every 5 Alaskans. 

  10. 10 Alaska philanthropist Mary Louise Rasmuson dies at 101

    On Monday, celebrated philanthropist and Alaska pioneer Mary Louise Milligan Rasmuson passed away at her Anchorage home at the age of 101.