Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: June 11-15

Craig Medred

If readership is any indication of what stories matter most, then this week's biggest news in Alaska involved the ongoing federal murder-conspiracy trial of Schaeffer Cox, Coleman Barney and Lonnie Vernon, three Fairbanks-area militiamen whose case was handed over to a jury of 12 on Thursday. Read all about it in our explainer about the trial -- what the charges are, a look at the defendants and the sentences they face, if convicted.

Bear maulings and moose attacks continued to make headlines in Alaska's largest city, as well. With another mauling reported first by Alaska Dispatch on Friday, this summer officially has become the worst for Anchorage bear attacks in four years. But bears aren't the only problem animals; moose encounters are up as well.

Did you catch our story on five mythical Alaska creatures? This time of summer in Alaska, it's nice to read something a bit lighter. Check it out.

  1. 1 Alaska folklore: Five mythical creatures of the Last Frontier

    Alaska is a big, wild and mysterious place. So it's no surprise that its mythology and folklore is stacked with cryptic creatures -- some friendlier than others.

  2. 2 Dining on moose nuggets: Yummy or yucky?

    You might not want to serve up moose nuggets as appetizers to visiting relatives, unless you're the sporting sort.

  3. 3 New book features Iditarod athletes -- and their less hairy owners

    A new book by a former Californian fashion photographer looks to put the lens on some of mushing's hardest-working athletes: Iditarod dogs.

  4. 4 Jurors weighing both sides' arguments in Alaska militia trial

    A jury now must decide the fate of three militia men from Fairbanks accused in a violent anti-government plot. Here's a guide to the charges, the men accused, and the arguments for and against conviction.

  5. 5 Alaska Loon Cam: What handicapped Pacific loon chick? (+VIDEO)

    Connors Lake mystery: What really happened to one of the Alaska Loon Cam chicks? Was it attacked by an eagle or born with a handicap?

  6. 6 Eskimo whalers seek ATF support to build a more humane bowhead bomb

    Eskimo whalers have been working since the late 1980s to replace the old black-powder bomb used for more than a century. International Whaling Commission mandates to improve hunting efficiency fueled the effort.

  7. 7 Remote Little Diomede comes closer to the rest of the world

    After years of uncertain travel to and from the Bering Strait island of Little Diomede, Alaska, residents may finally find themselves with regular access to the U.S. mainland.

  8. 8 Co-conspirators or paranoid agitators? Jury gets Alaska militia case.

    A 12-member jury has begun deliberating on the multiple felony charges -- including conspiracy to commit murder -- for which three Fairbanks militiamen stand accused. 

  9. 9 Why so many moose, bear attacks in Anchorage this summer?

    It isn't even the middle of June, and there's been a year's worth of big wildlife carnage, from moose attacks to bear attacks, doled out in Alaska's largest city.