Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: June 18-22

Alaska Dispatch staff

It's high summer in Alaska and residents of the Last Frontier are too preoccupied with midnight sun and basking in 70-degree weather to report on much else.

A few big news stories from Alaska did make national headlines, though: U.S. Justice Department prosecutors won a big victory Monday when an Anchorage jury found Fairbanks militia commander Schaeffer Cox and militia lieutenant Lonnie Vernon guilty on federal murder conspiracy charges. And Joe Miller, who beat Lisa Murkowski in the 2010 U.S. Senate Republican primary only to lose to her in a write-in campaign, also found himself back in headlines. This time, Miller finally agreed to settle a lawsuit that's been ongoing practically since his Senate race.

Cook Inlet oil, summer solstice celebrations and the return of glass recycling to Anchorage -- check out a few of our best stories this week.

  1. 1 Photos: Summer solstice on Alaska's most-hiked mountain

    A summer solstice tradition in Anchorage, dozens of Alaskans hiked up Flattop mountain Wednesday evening, rewarded with a spectacular sunset.

  2. 2 Alaska militiamen convicted on murder conspiracy charges

    The conspiracy to murder charge could mean life imprisonment for Schaeffer Cox, a one-time political firebrand, and his militia henchman. Find out how jurors came down on the other charges.

  3. 3 Kenai king salmon closure ramps up tension between sport, commercial fishing

    Record low Kenai River king salmon runs have fishermen wondering why the burden of conservation isn't being shared with commercial fishermen.

  4. 4 Anchorage residents may finally get to recycle their glass again

    Anchorage's Central Recycling Services is working through final details of a program to recycle glass that can be used in Alaska road and construction projects.

  5. 5 Alaska public use cabins offer comfort in great outdoors

    It’s not uncommon for cabin lovers to keep favorite locations tightly under wraps, like gold miners protecting coveted claims. You’re about to receive a golden piece of true Alaskan travel advice.

  6. 6 Investigators comb through old Knik Glacier plane wreck seeking clues

    Military personnel from Alaska and Hawaii are investigating a wrecked plane recently spotted on Knik Glacier. What type of plane it was, when it crashed and who was on board all remains a mystery.

  7. 7 Summer finally arrives in Southcentral Alaska

    Anchorage weather: As summer solstice approaches, warmer temperatures have finally arrived. How long will they stick around -- and what's up with the late afternoon thunder and lightning shows?

  8. 8 Wouldn't bike lanes make riding safer in Anchorage than helmets?

    Exhaustive research concludes bike helmets deter bike riding. Fewer bikes on the road leave cyclists exposed to greater danger. Shouldn't Anchorage consider bike riding's health benefits and design bike-friendly roads and routes?

  9. 9 Heady times for Cook Inlet as oil company plans to spend millions

    Kenai Peninsula businesses are feeling the investment boost by Hilcorp and other new companies in Cook Inlet. In 2011, the industry directly employed about 1,050 workers.

  10. 10 Joe Miller loses again

    OPINION: Had Joe Miller shown true character and admitted he was wrong to rig a political poll while working for the Fairbanks borough, he might be a member of the U.S. Senate today. Instead, Miller showed he was a character, and handed Lisa Murkowski her seat back.