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Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: June 24-29

Craig Medred

Supreme Court rulings were big news across the U.S. this week and Alaska was no exception. Big stories from Alaska Dispatch this week included an exploration of whether Alaska's sky-high health care costs would be reined in under the new health care law, and a closer look at how the Citizens United ruling -- which allows unlimited corporate and union donations to political action committees -- would affect the make-up of the Alaska Legislature this fall.

Speaking of the Legislature, Alaska finally has a redistricting map after a year of efforts, back and forth between state and federal courts, lawsuits and more. Let the public debate begin.

Disappearance of Alaska's famed king salmon from state waterways has biologists looking for clues, and has subsistence fishermen across the state wondering how they'll stock their freezers this winter. 

These and other stories mattered most in Alaska this week. Find a sample of some of our best reporting here.

  1. Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: June 24-29

    Big stories in Alaska this week explored how the Citizens United ruling would impact Alaska politics, the disappearance of king salmon from state rivers, what health care reform means for Alaska, and much more.