Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: June 3-8

Craig Medred

Alaska news was dominated this week by two stories in particular at the polar opposite ends of the information spectrum.

Everyone was captivated by the ongoing militia trials -- and testimony by the Alaska Peacemakers Militia commander Schaeffer Cox and his deputy, Coleman Barney -- something of a culmination to more than one year's worth of news stories and investigations into the alleged Fairbanks-based, sovereign citizen scheme to murder federal employees. And Cox delivered, with more than two days of testimony about his anti-government philosophy, his militia's weapons caches, and whether the volunteer "army" intended, as U.S. prosecutors allege, to wage war against the federal government.

And then there was the news story that reverberated around the web and blogosphere for days upon days: Anchorage, Alaska, is the country's worst-dressed city?! The story, based on a readers poll by Travel & Leisure magazine, caused immediate backlash in Alaska's largest city, not to mention a seemingly endless amount of opinion columns. Dispatch sent a photographer out on the streets of Anchorage to chronicle the fashion (or lack thereof) of the city's denizens. You can check out that slideshow, not to mention bore tide videos, outer space news and more here, in our weekly news review.

  1. 1 In Alaska, skygazers entranced by once-in-a-lifetime transit of Venus

    Professional and amateur skywatchers alike gathered in Anchorage Tuesday to marvel at the transit of Venus, a solar event that won't happen again until 2117.

  2. 2 Why is lead FBI agent in botched Ted Stevens case still employed?

    An internal report by the Justice Department outlines transgressions on FBI Agent Mary Beth Kepner's part, ranging from not documenting interviews to hiding evidence from Sen. Ted Stevens's legal team during his 2008 trial.

  3. 3 Photos: Alaska PrideFest's annual parade

    Alaska PrideFest culminated Saturday with the annual parade through downtown Anchorage. The parade was a poignant one after a challenging year for the queer community in Alaska’s largest city.

  4. 4 Prosecutors zero in on inconsistencies in accused Alaska militiaman's storyline

    How events in Schaeffer Cox's life lead the Fairbanks-based militia leader to believe the Feds were out to silence and possibly kill him.

  5. 5 Photos: Big bore tides in Alaska's Turnagain Arm expected to draw surfers

    Bore tides are nature's true "tidal waves" and Turnagain Arm is the only U.S. locale where bores strike with regularity, though they occasionally churn up Knik Arm, too.

  6. 6 Is Anchorage really a fashion crime scene?

    Anchorage, Alaska, has just been chosen as the worst-dressed city in the entire United States. But not all Anchorage men commit crimes against fashion.

  7. 7 Climate change in Arctic Alaska threatens fish stocks, drinking water

    Threatening the Inupiat village of Selawik, Alaska, are sinkholes that have formed beside the river that provides the community its drinking water, as well as an important food source.

  8. 8 Lead security man in Alaska militia takes stand to detail involvement

    'Major Barney': The lead security man in Schaeffer Cox's Fairbanks-based militia had begun to worry his commander's jarring behavior was over the top.  

  9. 9 Photo Essay: Is Anchorage really the least fashionable city in America?

    With Anchorage's latest claim to fame being the "least fashionable city in America," Alaska Dispatch takes to the streets to explore this dubious distinction.

  10. 10 Crew will attempt to recover millions from Southeast Alaska shipwreck

    The question of just how much -- if any -- gold remains on the sea floor where the SS Islander sunk in Southeast Alaska may finally be answered.