Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: March 16-22

Alaska Dispatch staff

News from the 49th state: Alaska Senate greenlights the governor's oil tax cut, bureaucrats say Kikkan Randall isn't Alaskan enough for a PFD, the northern lights bedazzle the sky and an Iditarod dog death causes a kerfuffle.

  1. 1 Alaska Senate votes to slash taxes on North Slope oil producers

    The Alaska Senate has all but assured passage this session of a tax cut for oil companies doing business on Alaska's North Slope. After hours of debate and impassioned pleas from defenders of the current tax regime, the Senate voted 11-9 to pass SB 21.

  2. 2 Alaska's PFD bureaucracy misreading Olympic waiver?

    Kikkan Randall might be the best ambassador Alaska has ever had: she's humble, hard-working and has never let the bright lights of stardom or success compromise her team ethic and community spirit. Leave it to the government to make her a refugee in the wilds of Anchorage.

  3. 3 Meet Kali the Alaska Zoo's littlest polar bear

    He's cute. He's cuddly. He's got massive paws. And he's the latest adorable critter to stop-over at the Alaska Zoo, where Kali the recently-orphaned polar bear cub will spend some time before finding a more permanent home.

  4. 4 Violence Against Women Act: The great divide for Alaska tribes

    OPINION: Alaska should remember amid all the noise over VAWA's renewal that the real enemy is domestic violence, not Native tribes.

  5. 5 Miller warns Alaska Libertarians of civil war, still deciding Senate run

    Joe Miller, the Alaska tea party Republican, spoke to a room full of Libertarians on Saturday about commonality and shared ideals as fervently as any politician hitting the campaign trail, but said he still hasn’t decided whether he will run for office again.

  6. 6 Timelapse video of Alaska's northern lights

    A massive solar flare recently treated much of Alaska to some of the best northern lights in years. Epic ribbons of light and pulsating displays danced all weekend long. And we have the video to prove it.

  7. 7 Unanticipated adventures flying home from Iditarod Trail

    Returning home should have been a breeze after 10 days of flying along the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. It was anything but.

  8. 8 Though short on specifics, Iditarod vows to improve dog-holding areas

    Large Connex storage containers are expected to be placed near Iditarod dog lots in big checkpoints like Unalakleet and Nome on the 1,000-mile trail across Alaska, allowing race volunteers to monitor the animals more closely.

  9. 9 Need a winter break? Visit Homer before summer's hustle and bustle.

    Days are getting longer and the Iditarod is almost over, but temperatures are still stuck in the mid-20s. Why not take a staycation break from winter and visit Homer before the summertime hordes arrive?

  10. 10 Alaska oil tax debate ignores the North Slope processing bottleneck

    OPINION: An important technical reality is getting lost in the noise of debate over SB 21. The North Slope doesn't have sufficient processing capacity to handle oil from both new discoveries and so-called legacy fields.