Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: March 2-8

Alaska Dispatch staff
Loren Holmes photo

All eyes in Alaska this week are on the 1,000-mile race between Willow and Nome. But off the Iditarod Trail, conversations and debates were under way about the state's future and what, exactly, it might look like.

  1. 1 Above the trail, Iditarod Air Force manages unwieldy race to Nome

    Plane crashes have brought tragedy and heartache to the Iditarod Trail before. With today's modern race comes an impressive Iditarod Air Force that's celebrating 35 years keeping the trails safe and mushers supported on the 1,000 miles to Nome.

  2. 2 A bad idea from another era: Alaska's dam to nowhere

    OPINION: Here in 2013, Alaska has an infection of 1950s politics: Bomb your way to peace! Dam your way to prosperity!

  3. 3 Mark Sorvoja recalls 'indomitable spirit' of his wife, daughter lost in plane crash

    Carolyn Sorvoja and her daughter, Rosemarie, were participating in a mini-course through the Iditarod Area School District. All of the Sorvoja children were home-schooled.

  4. 4 Raising the bar on the firearms debate

    OPINION: America, the debate over gun ownership has gotten out of hand. Let's put away the torches and try talking.

  5. 5 Cook Inlet natural gas poses a puzzle

    OPINION: Someday a gas line from the North Slope will solve the problem of possible natural gas shortages in Southcentral Alaska for good. In the meantime, there's a dilemma.

  6. 6 Begich assures Alaska lawmakers: Feds not 'stockpiling' ammo

    At his annual address of a joint session of the Alaska Legislature, Sen. Mark Begich threw cold water on the idea that the federal government is stockpiling ammunition as a sneaky way to control firearms.

  7. 7 Murkowski seeks GAO review of troubled Denali Commission

    Sen. Murkowski noted that the commission has been subject to criticisms and questions about such things as spending decisions, transparency and how it manages grants. Millions may be missing.

  8. 8 Who knew? Iditarod Trail teeming with celebrity lookalikes

    Doesn't take much to achieve celebrity status on the frontier: TV news personalities, folk singers, oil chieftains and Iditarod Trail racers are about the biggest superstars Alaska can muster. Meet Alaska's celebrity lookalikes.

  9. 9 For Iditarod rookies, some surprises and tough lessons

    While more experienced Iditarod teams push on to Takotna, a handful of rookies are stationed in McGrath, their dogs spread out in a circle around the checkpoint headquarters in the local library.

  10. 10 Symphony of sled dogs on Iditarod Trail (+VIDEO)

    At the remote Alaska village of Takotna, dogs howled in the night Wednesday during the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.