Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: March 23-29

Alaska Dispatch staff

All the news that's fit to share: Gay marriage debate at the Supreme Court triggers a rally in Anchorage, myth-busting the need for bounties on sea otters, a troubling two-step involving Alaska's legislative leaders and the state's largest oil producer, sexual assault and domestic violence in the shadows and, lest we forget, a crazy train full of drunken skiers.

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  1. 1 What will it take to shine a light on rural Alaska's sexual assault epidemic?

    A rape in Steubenville, Ohio, sparked national outrage and mainstream media coverage. But the world ignores a seething problem in rural Alaska, where rates of violence against women and sexual assault are exponentially worse.

  2. 2 ConocoPhillips employees steer Alaska oil tax cut bill through Legislature

    Legislative leaders who support a tax cut on oil companies doing business in Alaska have appointed industry-friendly committee chairs and then sent the bill through those committees, resulting in ConocoPhillips vice presidents appearing before legislative committees chaired by ConocoPhillips employees.

  3. 3 Photos: US Army Combatives Tournament, JBER

    Some 100 soldiers gathered at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson Thursday and Friday for simulated hand-to-hand combat to see who's the toughest without a firearm.

  4. 4 With Russia looming, Little Diomede defines remote

    Residents of the remote Bering Sea outpost of Little Diomede Island off Alaska's west coast settle into daily life amid the extreme circumstances posed by their location.

  5. 5 Forget Lance. This 'Alaskan badass' is perfect for a beer commercial.

    David Johnston of Willow is a smiling, attractive, personable, beer-swilling Alaskan badass. Runner's World recognized the 42-year-old Johnston for winning the foot division in the Iditarod Trail Invitational.

  6. 6 Lax ethics and an oily mess in Alaska Legislature (+VIDEO)

    OPINION: The amount Gov. Sean Parnell’s proposed oil tax cut costs Alaska over the next few years, without guaranteed return, could be in the $5 billion-$6 billion range -- enough to buy the Dallas Cowboys or New York Yankees, Tesoro or U.S. Steel.

  7. 7 Photos: Ski Train, an Alaska tradition

    The annual Ski Train from Anchorage is thought by many to be “winter’s last hurrah" ... and there's plenty of hurrah to go around.

  8. 8 With oil-tax cut likely, where will new Alaska crude come from?

    Brother, can you spare 82,000 barrels of oil a day? That's how much additional production Alaska would need in the next five years to counter the loss of revenue from Gov. Sean Parnell's proposed oil-tax cut.

  9. 9 Waiting for mutiny on proposed Southeast Alaska sea otter bounty

    There are many good reasons why Sen. Bert Stedman’s bill setting sea otter bounties is a bad idea. And don't you think it's about time sea otters get a little respect for the services they provide fishermen and the rest of us?