Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: March 30-April 5

Craig Medred

From news that Seattle's homeless -- not Alaska's homeless -- get to feast on king salmon bycatch to growing outrage over oil company-lawmakers' conflicts of interest, here are some of Alaska Dispatch's best stories and photo slideshows of the week.

  1. 1 Storied rescue pilot among those killed in Alaska Trooper helicopter crash

    Troopers said at a press conference Monday that a rescue pilot who had saved people too many times to count died on Saturday in what was supposed to be a quick trip to pick up an injured snowmachine rider outside of Talkeetna.

  2. 2 Why do Seattle's homeless get to feast on Alaska's king salmon bycatch?

    Trawlers dragging nets in the Gulf of Alaska may be catching more king salmon than Alaska would like, but the fish aren’t going to waste. They’re going to feed the homeless in Seattle and elsewhere in the state of Washington.

  3. 3 The Concerned: Reward Conoco lawmakers for saving Alaska

    Certain lawmakers will deserve bonuses if the Alaska Legislature passes Gov. Sean Parnell's multibillion-dollar oil tax cut. Here are some ideas of how to compensate those oil employee-lawmakers.

  4. 4 Why can Alaska lawmakers vote with conflicts of interest?

    Some states have strict rules keeping lawmakers from shrugging away conflicts of interest and casting suspect votes on legislation, but in Alaska, lawmakers can cast votes that send billions to their own employers.

  5. 5 Less is more as former Senate candidate Scott McAdams sheds 100 pounds

    Two years since the end of the U.S. Senate race against incumbent Lisa Murkowski and Republican Joe Miller, the former Sitka mayor is three-quarters of the man he used to be.

  6. 6 Photos: Anchorage Opera's Pirates of Penzance

    "The Pirates of Penzance" will run Friday, April 5 through to Sunday, April 7 at the Alaska Center for the Performing Art's Discovery Theater. Tickets are going fast. 

  7. 7 Breaking down boundaries by presenting 'King Lear' in Gwich'in

    A unique Alaska take on one of Shakespeare's classic plays will make stops across much of the state's road system. It will head off-road, too, with performances in Kotzebue, Nome and the Gwich'in communities of Arctic Village and Fort Yukon.

  8. 8 Booming stock market helps Permanent Fund hit $45.5 billion

    The Alaska Permanent Fund -- the state's oil-wealth savings account -- now has a market value of $45.5 billion, thanks to the uptick in the U.S. stock market. 

  9. 9 Incensed Alaska reps: Kawasaki's tongue display stunk

    The Alaska House of Representatives let some fresh gas legislation rip late Monday night, and a minor controversy bubbled up on Tuesday.

  10. 10 Free television in rural Alaska will go dark without $5.3 million upgrade

    Will 230 small and isolated Alaska communities lose the free TV signal that helps connect them to the outside world? Without a technology overhaul and investment by state lawmakers, programming on Alaska Rural Communications Service could go dark in 2015.