Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: March 9-15

Alaska Dispatch staff

Stories that mattered: Experience versus athleticism on the Iditarod Trail, deadly plane crashes in winter superstorms, Red Scares in the Alaska Legislature and much more.

  1. 1 Best of Iditarod 2013 photos and videos

    The 2013 Iditarod officially got under way March 3, racing into the great frozen Alaskan hinterland toward Nome from a frozen lake in tiny Willow, Alaska. Nine days later, 53-year-old Mitch Seavey became the oldest musher to ever win the Last Great Race.

  2. 2 Mini Red Scare threatens Alaska's film tax credit program

    With oil industry tax cuts moving through the Alaska Legislature, a program intended to provide incentives to the state's developing film industry could be in line for a trip to the fiscal gulag.

  3. 3 Exorcising Iditarod Trail demons through Kaltag Portage

    The Kaltag Portage has served as a vital link between the rivers of Interior Alaska and the Bering Sea coast for centuries. It's also where Iditarod leaders rise and fall.

  4. 4 Who’s tougher: Alaska’s Dick Griffith or Canada’s Samuel Hearne?

    I haven't met anyone who isn’t duly impressed by Dick Griffith’s stoicism, self-reliance, and stamina. But I believe an 18th century explorer in Canada was much tougher than Griffith and accomplished much more.

  5. 5 Where did that plane really crash? And why not tell the truth?

    OPINION: There is nothing honorable about bureaucrats trying to twist the facts to disguise what likely happened in the March 4 plane crash near Alaska's Rainy Pass that killed retired police Sgt. Ted Smith and two passengers.

  6. 6 Forget Seavey vs. Zirkle: Iditarod comes down to Quito vs. Tanner, lead dogs supreme

    Iditarod mushers Mitch Seavey and Aliy Zirkle couldn't have more different styles. Yet, both are fierce, driven competitors, and their personalities are even apparent through their lead dogs.

  7. 7 Comet Pan-STARRS graces the sky in Anchorage, Alaska

    People across the world are turning their cameras to the sky to capture a shot of the comet Pan-STARRS that is passing by Earth this month. Although fainter than expected, and difficult to see at northern latitudes, astronomer Travis Rector was able to snap this shot from an Anchorage hillside.

  8. 8 How will the sequester affect Alaska?

    The automatic federal budget cuts known as sequestration went into effect March 1, and are set to slash federal spending to the tune of $85 billion this year nationwide.  Alaska’s representatives expressed frustration at the final outcome on Sunday. But how exactly will the sequester affect Alaska?

  9. 9 Iditarod 2013 - Wet wakeup call along warm trail

    Overflow delivered a wet wakeup call on the Iditarod Trail between the ghost-town checkpoint of Iditarod and Anvik, first stop on the Yukon River.

  10. 10 2 pilots dead in Alaska cargo plane crash

    Alaska Air National Guard pararescuers have recovered the bodies of two pilots flying a cargo plane that went missing in bad weather in Southwest Alaska, near Dillingham, on Friday.

  11. 11 Iditarod dog died after being buried in windblown snow, race officials say

    The cause of death for a dog that died while at a checkpoint during the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race has been determined as "asphyxiation as the result of being buried by snow in severe wind conditions," race officials said Saturday.