Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: Nov. 3-9

Craig Medred

If you missed a day with Alaska Dispatch this week, you may have missed big stories. We were, of course, all over the election. Blurry eyed, and sometimes as sick of politics as you, we kept it up throughout the week. We also tagged a story about school lunches going locavore and glass recycling returning to Alaska's largest city -- though when, exactly, seems a state secret.

A great op-ed writer wrote about the so-called bullet line.

The ever punctilious Craig Medred took on the NPR-A lease sale, which likely made some of the bureaucrats at the Bureau of Land Management all red-faced, in their bureaucratic way. And a week at the Dispatch without Sarah Palin would be like a week at the Dispatch without beer. Not good. Read on. Read often. Four more beers!