Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: Oct. 13-19

Craig Medred

A look at some of the biggest news stories and multimedia opportunities in Alaska for the week of Oct. 14, 2012.

  1. 1 Alaska Federation of Natives: Emphasis on politics with an eye on elections

    Success Beyond Barriers: The 2012 Alaska Federation of Natives convention is stoking a galvanized, active political voice for the upcoming election and beyond.

  2. 2 After years without a deadly Alaska grizzly attack, 2 dead in 2 months

    Twice in about 45 days, Alaska grizzly bears have killed and partially eaten people in remote parts of the state. This after Alaska has gone seven years without a bear-caused fatality. 

  3. 3 Video: Rutting Alaska moose take the fight to the streets

    It must be fall in Alaska. A video posted Saturday to Youtube shows two bull moose duking it out in an annual display of ungulate dominance in the hopes of landing a potential mate.

  4. 4 Photos: Alaska Federation of Natives 2012

    Alaska Natives gathered in downtown Anchorage in October 2012 to address complex problems that have proven difficult to correct: sexual and physical abuse, suicide, drug and alcohol abuse, unemployment and others.

  5. 5 Alaska Natives rally for restored aboriginal hunting, fishing rights

    Subsistence: Plagued by a patchwork of jurisdictions and layers of management, Alaska Natives are fed up with thwarted access to traditional foods.

  6. 6 Survival of a single oiled king eider proves next to nothing

    Analysis: Nobody in government has the guts to stand up and say "no'' to wasting money and resources on the meaningless rescue -- or worse, the torture -- of short-lived birds.

  7. 7 Solar storm may cause radio black-outs, late-night northern lights in Alaska

    A series of massive solar flares have in recent days erupted off the stormy surface of the sun; the last two were big enough to disrupt radio transmissions on Earth and likely produce aurora borealis shows that Southcentral Alaskans may witness after midnight, when the sun has finally gone down.

  8. 8 Federal cuts to public broadcasting would unfairly hit Alaska

    Public media is hyper-vigilant about being non-partisan and providing real value. That's why Americans consistently name it the most valued source of programming on the airwaves.

  9. 9 Boy Scouts 'perversion files': Alaska abuse cases part of larger problem

    The Boy Scouts of America released files on its volunteers, including one Alaska account from decades ago showing officials were aware of a potential sex offender for months or even years. The man would later stand accused of molesting as many as 100 young boys.

  10. 10 Grudgingly slow, rural Alaska's honeybuckets are getting retired

    In 1995, former Alaska Gov. Tony Knowles promised to help end the era of honey buckets in rural Alaska. Seventeen years later, the honey bucket remains -- but it’s slowly vanishing.