Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: Oct. 21-26

Alaska Dispatch staff

If you missed a day with Alaska Dispatch this week, you may have missed big stories relevant to Alaskans from Southeast to the Arctic coast, involving everyone from politicians to rebellious fishermen.

Among the enterprise stories Alaska Dispatch reporters followed this week: 

  • A former state wildlife regulator with a business in the oil patch and an eye on a state Senate seat was revealed to be under investigation by Alaska State Troopers for possibly bending or breaking laws he had a hand in crafting;
  • A Democratic supporter goes "rogue" on the streets of Anchorage, making the decision to remove campaign flyer belonging to a Republican opponent from yards in a newly-minted Midtown district. Ever wondered how long it takes a politician to desert a wayward volunteer? 
  • Rebellion on Alaska rivers this summer over state-mandated chinook salmon closures takes on greater context as Alaskans consider a future where fewer fish must be divided between commercial fishermen and the state's First Peoples, who depend on salmon for survival. 

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