Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: Oct. 27-Nov. 2

Craig Medred

If you missed a day with Alaska Dispatch this week, you may have missed big stories, from the Cook Inlet oil fields to the never-boring Legislative races to Dawn-slicked polar bears, to name just a few. Read on for more.

  1. 1 Much remains beyond state's control when managing Alaska king salmon

    ANALYSIS: There's a whole lot of things beyond Alaska's control, starting with Mother Nature. And what is in the state's control offers nothing but difficult choices.

  2. 2 Study: Dish soap may be liquid magic for oil-coated polar bears

    There's hope for the iconic "King of the Arctic" if polar bears are ever drenched from an oil spill. The plan is to scrub them with Dawn dish detergent.

  3. 3 Senate candidate shows trophy horns purchased after musk ox hunt

    Bob Bell allowed Anchorage television station KTVA to photograph musk ox horns that he bought from an artist after a controversial subsistence hunt. The horns as-photographed violate state statutes.

  4. 4 In book, Senate candidate Bob Bell divulges other hunting violations

    OPINION: In a 2006 book, Bell casually admits to several hunting violations. Is anyone else wondering if someone could be unfit for office who shows such ignorance or disregard for the law?

  5. 5 Ash from century-old Novarupta volcanic eruption sweeps over Kodiak Island

    Strong winds swept ash from the largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century into the atmosphere Tuesday, creating a haze over Kodiak Island, and prompting the National Weather Service to issue flight warnings for the area.

  6. 6 Akutan, Alaska's troubled Air service resumes at expensive new Aleutian Islands airport

    In aviation’s absence, there was always Plan B, as in boat, the way people have traditionally traveled between Aleutian islands, from kayaks and skiffs to salmon seiners and pollock trawlers.

  7. 7 India-born Republican for Alaska House has high-tech focus

    Anand Dubey has worked in Alaska state government, sees a high-tech industry in the Last Frontier and invokes Mahatma Gandhi on the West Anchorage campaign trail.

  8. 8 Alaska Senate races draw more than quarter-million in final weeks

    More than $250,000 was raised in October by members of and challengers to Alaska's Senate bipartisan coalition up for election Tuesday.

  9. 9 Southcentral Alaska may have to import natural gas to heat and power homes

    Within two years, Alaska may find itself importing natural gas, the very commodity it has for decades intended to ship overseas or to the Lower 48 to secure its economic future.

  10. 10 Vic Kohring: Positive mental attitude lifts this 'phoenix'

    OPINION: Brooding and feeling sorry for myself is not an option. While my life may have been devastated, it's by no means over. Life is short, and I intend to make the best of it.