Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: Oct. 7-12

Alaska Dispatch staff

What kind of weather might shifting Arctic winds produce for Alaska? Who are Alaska's most legendary bush pilots? What kind of lighter was credited with saving lives in Bush Alaska? Answers to these and other Alaska news trivia questions below.

  1. 1 How many polar bears live in the Arctic?

    Estimates place the world's population of polar bears at 20,000 to 25,000 animals. But is that accurate when there's no easy way to count bears?

  2. 2 New Alaska campaign finance reports show what remains for final stretch

    With less than 30 days until the Nov. 6 election, Alaska Democratic state senators are raising more money than Republicans.

  3. 3 Drought in the US, storms over Europe: Could Arctic winds be to blame?

    As sea ice levels in the Arctic continue to decline, new research suggests that shifting wind patterns may be partly to blame -- and could cause weather headaches for Europe and North America as well.

  4. 4 Southcentral Alaska utility warns of possible natural gas supply shortage

    Despite increasing natural gas exploration in Cook Inlet, it's looking increasingly likely that the needs of Southcentral residents may be difficult to meet without importing gas.

  5. 5 Wet and freezing in remote Alaska, the flick of a Bic saved 2 lives

    Two Alaskan men survived a days-long ordeal after a harrowing fight with the stormy Yukon River. One gives all the credit to his cheap, disposable lighter, but his skill with it deserves some credit too.

  6. 6 $200 million Alaska-based research vessel prepares to get its feet wet

    On Saturday, the $200-million, 261-foot-long ship Sikuliaq will finally be lowered into the water in Marinette, Wisc. But the icebreaking research vessel has a long road before arriving in Alaska.

  7. 7 Alaska judge says parental notification law doesn't violate state constitution

    A judge found that the state had a compelling interest in Alaska's parental notification law and that it “will prod some pregnant minors to alert their parents without adverse consequence."

  8. 8 48-Hour Film Challenge screenings Friday night in Anchorage

    Think you could write, shoot, and edit a movie in 48 hours? Well, that's just what 26 teams of filmmakers did last weekend, and now the results will be screened in two showings on Friday in Anchorage.

  9. 9 Special Series: Legends in Alaska Aviation

    It's hard to give enough praise to Alaska's pilots, men and women who bind together the widely dispersed settlers of the 49th state. If you love Alaska, here are a few flyers to thank.

  10. 10 Halcro's right about AGIA, but still wrong on Alaska's natural gas line

    OPINION: Mr. Halcro continues to misstate Alaska's legal right to have its natural gas sold at the wellhead.