Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: Sept. 15-21

Craig Medred

From massive floods to gold mining to tattooing eyeballs, it's been busy at Alaska Dispatch. Here's our best stories and photos of the week.

  1. 1 Photos: Flooding in Southcentral Alaska

    High winds and heavy rains have caused high water around Southcentral Alaska since an atmospheric "fire hose" began dumping moisture on the wind-lashed region over the weekend.

  2. 2 Some 'Bering Sea Gold' miners pulling in more than $10,000 a week

    With the yellow metal now fetching $1,800 an ounce, "Bering Sea Gold'' TV show fuels the idea it's possible for anyone to vacuum a fortune from the floor of the ocean.

  3. 3 Group pushing for oil tax breaks has 'elected' not to disclose funding

    Even as the Make Alaska Competitive Coalition runs ads urging Alaskans to “vote for oil tax reform,” it claims it’s not involved in the election and doesn’t need to disclose what it receives from donors.

  4. 4 Despite upswing in prices, trapping declines in much of rural Alaska

    With costs stagnating and other interests intersecting, the ability for young Alaska villagers to set up traplines seems to be fading.

  5. 5 Alaska F-22s deployed to Pacific even as tensions escalate between China, Japan

    A planned deployment of Alaska's F-22 fighter jets to Guam comes at a time of heightened insecurity in the Pacific, as China and Japan stand off over territorial rights to uninhabited islands.

  6. 6 Could abortion become a priority for next Alaska Legislature?

    Breaking up the bipartisan Senate coalition and reforming oil taxes has so far taken up most election debate but less discussed is how social issues might also become priorities in a more conservative Legislature.

  7. 7 By the numbers: Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend

    The Alaska Permanent Fund began in 1976 at $734,000 and today is worth more than $41 billion. The amount of this year's dividend is $878.

  8. 8 Juneau black bear euthanized after climbing musician's fire escape (+VIDEO)

    A bear's wild day out in downtown Juneau came to a sad ending, Wednesday, tranquilized for rooftop climbing and then euthanized by officials. Find out why.

  9. 9 Alaskan singer wins audition for NBC's 'The Voice' (+video)

    Local Anchorage singer and YouTube sensation J.R. Aquino makes the cut on NBC's talent show The Voice.

  10. 10 'Art in the heart' project makes a place for pipes in downtown Fairbanks

    Thirteen pipes jutting awkwardly out of the ground around Fairbanks and designed to blend in finally get a chance to stand out in an art project that aims to make Fairbanks "a little more awesome."