Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week: Sept. 2-8

Craig Medred

News that mattered this week: A freak windstorm leaves loads of work, declining oil production in Alaska slows down, and old firewood makes a comeback as "new alternative" to heating oil in rural Alaska.

These stories and others were among Alaska Dispatch's most widely-read journalism this week. Find a list below of some that were particularly interesting.

  1. 1 Time capsule from 1960s unearthed in Anchorage windstorm

    Mighty winds brought down a beloved downtown Anchorage landmark on Tuesday night. Yet in destruction of Delaney Park Strip's Sitka spruce flagpole, Mother Nature also delivered the city a treasure. 

  2. 2 Will hovercraft settle concerns over Alaska's 'Airport to Nowhere'?

    As the Aleutian Island community of Akutan moves forward with a variety of development projects, a hovercraft to connect the town to its expensive new airport is a source of some concern.

  3. 3 Restoring power to Alaska windstorm victims a round-the-clock job

    Utilities serving Alaska's largest city and nearby communities are still working to restore power after a powerful wind storm, two days ago, left close to 100,000 customers in the dark. 

  4. 4 Even as oil production decline slows, Parnell demanding tax cut

    Alaska's worrisome oil-production decline has slowed, according to recent state figures, but Gov. Sean Parnell continues to say state taxes on oil producers must be slashed to stimulate new development.

  5. 5 Firewood offers rural Alaskans alternative to crippling expense of heating oil

    An entrepreneur in rural Southwest Alaska sees economic salvation and a return to village values with bustling sales of firewood.

  6. 6 No cheater's 'free pass' for Lance Armstrong just because he beat cancer

    OPINION: Cancer haunts people and kills indiscriminately, old and young, the weak and the tough. But it gives no one a free pass to cheat. One cannot "live strong" by cheating others.

  7. 7 Should text messages by Alaska government employees be accessible to public?

    A nonpartisan legal service to Alaska lawmakers has found that text messages are, in fact, public records that should be preserved. Gov. Sean Parnell disagrees.

  8. 8 Tsunami of trash looms for Alaska beaches as winter approaches

    Increasing amounts of debris from last year's Japanese tsunami is settling on Alaska's beaches, and the state could be looking at one huge mess by spring 2013.

  9. 9 Legends in Alaska Aviation step out of cockpit for spot in limelight

    Per capita, Alaska has more pilots than any other state in the U.S. Friends of the aviation community come together each year to recognize the Living Legends of Alaskan Aviation.

  10. 10 Photos: Quiet beauty in backyard of Alaska's largest city

    The Palmer Hay Flats is a land of many faces. It could be mistaken as an African savannah under the glare of the evening sun, while at high tide it looks to be more its true self -- a vast stretch of Alaskan wetlands.