Live at 2012 Arctic Imperative Summit

Craig Medred

The 2012 Arctic Imperative Summit, taking place Aug. 24-27 in Anchorage and Girdwood, is presented live with the generous support of GCI. Here's a list of the speakers, and here's the agenda.

An Arctic Awakening

Climate change is causing Alaska’s Arctic to change at an unprecedented rate that will bring more shipping and development to the Far North. Declining sea ice means more viable and efficient shipping corridors. There is also a growing interest in tapping the large estimated reserves of oil and gas in the Arctic Ocean off the northern shores of Alaska.

The United States lags behind the rest of the Arctic nations in planning for the implications of a changing Arctic. Non-Arctic nations, such as China, are showing increased interest. Arctic development is coming. Now is the time to start shaping this opportunity responsibly.

The Arctic Imperative: Cooperation, Investment, Development

The 2012 Arctic Imperative Summit will once again bring together the leading voices in this conversation, including residents from the small villages that comprise Alaska’s coastal communities; state, national and international leaders; the heads of shipping and industry; investors; international policymakers and the news media.

The goal of the Arctic Imperative Summit is to sharpen the focus on the policy and investment needs of the U.S. Arctic by providing a forum for leaders from all disciplines to collaborate on solutions.

Learn more about the Arctic Imperative

  1. 1 Chasing Arctic dreams

    The United States may be an Arctic nation, but you wouldn't necessarily know it. A summit this weekend hopes to change that.

  2. 2 Empowering Alaska key to roadmap for US Arctic policy

    OPINION: The promise of increased development in the U.S. Arctic is important to Alaska's future. But we must also remember that people live in the Arctic, and improving their quality of life and respecting their views is key.

  3. 3 Arctic sea ice on track for all-time low this August

    The sea ice in the northern ocean is rapidly melting. Scientists say by the end of August, it will reach the lowest point ever witnessed, and almost a month earlier than usual.

  4. 4 Russia pushes forward on Northern Sea Route

    Russia Prime Minister Vladimir Putin's administration is trying to get a leg up on development of the Northern Sea Route as the government seeks new, diversified sources of cash.

  5. 5 Arctic rig departs, Shell meets with US regulators on change of plans

    The drilling rig Kulluk has departed for Alaska's Arctic as Shell reportedly works with federal regulators on a plan to allow prepatory drilling work before this season dwindles.

  6. 6 Warming Arctic: Open seas, abandoned lands

    Imagine, it's just before summer solstice in 2050. U.S. commercial ships are steaming through the Bering Strait, bound for Europe. But come winter, travel options sharply dwindle as ice roads take longer to freeze.

  7. 7 Coast Guard considers Arctic amphibious vehicles as Far North gets busier

    WANTED: U.S. Coast Guard in need of an amphibious Arctic craft that can handle treacherous sea ice and extreme cold off Alaska's northern coast.

  8. 8 Why is China seeking more influence in Arctic?

    As rising temperatures melt ice caps and uncover previously inaccessible natural resources and sea routes, the Arctic has caught the attention of countries near and far — including the world’s second-biggest economic power.