Special Report: How could a double murder happen on Kodiak, Alaska’s Coast Guard base?

Amanda Coyne,Loren Holmes

This two-part series, which was published on Alaska Dispatch May 14-15, examins the double-homicide of two men on one of America's most remote and famous U.S. Coast Guard bases.

On the morning of April 12, 2012, 41-year-old James Hopkins and 51-year-old Richard Belisle were gunned down while at work on the Coast Guard's Kodiak base. They were in what is called the “rigger shop” near the communication station, or ComSta for short. One of them was an active Coastie. The other was a former Coastie, who continued working on the base as a civilian.

As of May 26, 2012, the killer is still on the loose on America's second-largest island --Kodiak Island. We'll continue to add updated stories on this page.

  1. 1 Part 1: Coast Guard murders haunt Alaska's rock

    The double-homicide on one of America's most remote and legendary Coast Guard bases has left toy soldiers watching, victims mourning, and a killer on the loose.

  2. 2 Part 2: How could a double murder happen on Kodiak’s Coast Guard base?

    The murders on Kodiak's Coast Guard base raise questions of security. Meantime, a grieving widow does her best to remain patient as investigators try to catch the killer.

  3. 3 Photos: In Kodiak, Alaskans react to double murder on Coast Guard base

    On April 12, 2012, Richard Belisle and James Hopkins were killed while working at a Coast Guard station on Kodiak Island. Nearly a month later, the FBI has not named a suspect, and yet maintains that the community is not in danger.

  4. 4 FBI seeks info on gun used in double murder on Alaska's Kodiak Island

    Federal and state investigators are seeking information on gun allegedly used in the double murders at Alaska's Kodiak Coast Guard base. 

  5. 5 Volunteers join search for clues in Kodiak killings

    In a cryptic Coast Guard post on Facebook, investigators call for help from citizens to search the grounds of the high-profile shootings of two on Kodiak.