Wild berries: Pick or pass, prepare or preserve

Jill Burke

If you don't have a serious berry picker in your Alaska family, you probably live near one. Or work with one. And there's a good chance you may never be the wiser.

Asking Alaskans to reveal their favorite berry-picking spot is an unspoken social faux pas, right up there with talking religion or asking a woman her age. People seldom reveal their best berry-producing locations.

Here's our guide to finding good berries from Southcentral Alaska to Fairbanks, knowing which to pick and when to pass, ways to prepare or preserve them.

  1. 1 Alaska wild berries: Tips on how to find and prepare them

    Alaska berry mania: Where to find them, what to do with them, and the super-charged nutrients that make wild berries a potent source of vitality.

  2. 2 Pick or pass? Where and how to pick Alaska berries near Fairbanks

    How to be sure Alaska berries are ripe? Try these tips to avoid picking berries long on labor but short on taste.

  3. 3 Yummy recipes for an array of Alaska wild berries

    Now that you've got the goods from Alaska's fields and mountains, here are some recipes to wow family and friends. 

  4. 4 Talkeetna-made jams are Berry Delicious

    <p>Owner Laura MacDonald cooks up jams and jellies from local ingredients like lingonberries, rose hips and spruce tips.</p>

  5. 5 Kirsten Dixon: Wild Alaska blueberry and raspberry bars

    There's something especially festive this time of year in seeing my kitchen table covered in flour dust. It might not be easy to wash but it's a comforting reminder that the holiday season has arrived.