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    Get a taste of Italy at Originale

    Tasty food, cozy atmosphere and prompt, friendly service make for an ideal lunch spot, and Originale is one of the best in Anchorage. Sergio and Roseli Anzilotti, owners of Anzilotti's Tuscan Market in South Anchorage, recently opened this Midtown eatery. Serving an assortment of sandwiches...


    Stone Brewing experiments with 'Enjoy By' IPA

    Among the symptoms of being a "beer nerd" is the beer collection. A pitfall of many beer collections, however, is stashing beer that shouldn't be stashed. That includes most beers in which pungent, floral hops are a defining characteristic. After all, hops are plants. You wouldn't eat 6-month...


    Eagle River Alehouse wins fans with sports bar fare

    With the NFL season now under way and the NBA tipping off soon after, it won't be long before fans are huddled up in restaurants where televisions tile the walls, the burgers are big and the beers are cold. In Eagle River, one of the prospects looking to make it big is the year-old Eagle River...


    At out-of-the-way eatery Coctel Oasis, ceviche is the star

    Seafood lovers, rejoice -- Anchorage now has an alternative to greasy fish and chips, dime-a-dozen sushi restaurants and big-ticket items like crab legs.


    Pizza Olympia's pies are tried and true, but there's more on the menu

    America is a nation of risk-takers and pioneers, outside-the-box thinkers and cultural trendsetters. This is certainly true from a culinary perspective: We invented chewing gum, instant coffee and corn dogs, and launched the Culinary Revolution in the 1970s.


    Friendly service at Chong's Tokyo Garden leaves diners satisfied

    From coupons to unlimited fries and breadstick deals, there are plenty of restaurant gimmicks aimed at luring customers. But what good is a deal if the dining experience is dismal? When Chong Wick took over Tokyo Garden on Tudor Road in December, passers-by might not have noticed the subtle addition...


    The fare at Pho-89 comes fast and flavorful

    When I first heard of Pho-89, I was inclined to think that we had become so inundated with pho restaurants that people had resorted to simply numbering them. But Pho #1 opened only a few years ago in the Northway Mall, and I knew that we hadn't gotten to 89 that quickly. I was told that there...


    Coffee and crepes

    After the Jo-Jo De Go-Go shop on Minnesota Drive helped Jason Dinneen turn his passion for coffee into a business, he expanded to downtown with 302G, a coffee shop and creperie on the corner of G Street and Third Avenue. The café opened last September and Dinneen recently closed the Minnesota...


    Harley's offers plenty of reasons to indulge

    Back in 1995, Harley Livingston and his wife, Margaret, opened a little diner with Southern roots. Livingston was the only cook and his wife the only server - which was fine, because they weren't getting much business. Then Kim Severson, long-time food writer for the Daily News, wrote a favorable...


    Ling and Louie's blends Asian, American and fun

    Ling and Louie's Asian Bar and Grill bills its cuisine as "modern Asian meets American comfort." In other words, this chain restaurant is capitalizing on the Asian fusion trend that began on the West Coast and has since swept nation. With its sizable Filipino, Korean, Chinese and Laotian population...

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