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Meet Kalia, a 2-1/2 year old female pit bull that came to us as a stray. This active, friendly and affectionate girl loves being with people and will lounge on her back while getting belly rubs.
Meet Alfred, who came to us as a stray. Knowing Alfred, he might have gone on a walk-about to spread love and good cheer to the neighborhood. Believe us, you will get kissed by this dog. 
Steven Kreinbrink is fed up. All he wants is a place to let his dogs run free, where they can't escape and don't run into moose. The city has one fenced dog park, but it's not convenient for him. He wants to know why he can't walk his dogs in fenced municipal ball fields that are used by teams only a few months out of the year.
Meet Suki, a 1-year old Saluki mix who needs a special adopter. Suki is shy at first so it takes a little time for her to let her personality shine.

This is Sitka, a 9-year spayed bloodhound who has been waiting for her new home for several weeks and has become a staff and volunteer favorite. This gentle girl will enjoy evening strolls around the neighborhood and lazy weekends TV surfing with you. 

This is Bessie, an Australian cattle dog mix who came to AACCC as a stray—being on her own had to be scary for this shy girl. Bessie warms up quickly to a soft voice and gentle touch. 
It’s not often that dogs get along as beautifully as these two do – they even play together in their kennel. Charlie schnauzer mix, 4 years old) was adopted first by their former owners and then Klonx, husky mix, 3 years old) was adopted as a companion for Charlie. 
Meet Eddie, the Alaska Dispatch News Dog Blog Pet of the Week, a neutered, senior rat terrier.
Meet Nala, a 3-year old shepherd-mix. She's shy at first but just a wait a few minutes and you’ll find that she's smart, curious and attentive. Mike Lewis
Hey! Holly here! Wanna play? Wow – what a happy, friendly, and enthusiastic dog Holly is. This spayed Labrador/husky mix came to us as a stray but she’s had some training as she knows both sit and down – tricks that she’ll execute eagerly. 
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