Feb 6 2016

The 35+ Singles Club of Anchorage, seeks to bring together singles over the age of 35, for dancing, friendship & social interaction.
If you are interested in learning about the Amazonian plant medicine, ayahuasca, please join us for this free event.
Have you ever seen a 100 pound cinnamon roll?
It's time to jig. Join the Northern Lights Celtic Dancers for a beginner dance class series of eight lessons for $60. Ages 5 through adult are welcome.
If you can't seem to lose those stubborn pounds, aches, fatigue symptoms then this four-week small group program is for you.
Hang out with the dancers and crew of Sweet Cheeks Cabaret while you enjoy a cocktail from the talented barstaff at Mad Myrna's.
Artists are:  Jewelry by Dawn & Doug Horner of Northern Adornments and  photographic art by Nancy Yarmak.
Affordable health screening and health education.
Come to Cyber Saturday. This week, learn about the library’s newest resource – Lynda. Learn how to find an expert on any topic.
Enjoy winter; learn to ski with Anchorage Parks and Recreation.
Learn to ski with Anchorage Parks and Recreation.
OPN is an open mic for filmmakers. Unedited, uncensored, and unscreened, the films of OPN are a snapshot of what's happening in the Alaska indie film community. Tickets are $5 and will be available for purchase starting Jan. 26 at the Beartooth Theatrepub and on their website.
It's not a 12-step group, it's a show! Good, clean, stand-up comedy with maybe a little music.
ADOT&PF releases draft Alaska State Rail Plan; invites Alaskans to review the plan in Online Open House
Teams of students will battle it out to win a chance at attending the national competition in Washington, D.C., this coming April.
Bring in Social Security cards for everyone on the tax form and photo ID cards for all adults.
If you've seen roller derby in Alaska then you know you need to be there. If you haven't seen roller derby yet, then now is your chance to see how crazy fun it is. Roller derby is a fast, hard, contact sport that requires offense and defense simultaneously.
Michael Conti is a photographer and video artist based in Anchorage. Conti’s solo exhibition at the Anchorage Museum will focus on hockey from social, cultural and gender perspectives.
This exhibition celebrates the contemporary work of Alaska artists.
Alaska Native artists’ perspectives are featured in this exhibition curated by Drew Michael.
Biological Science students from the University of Alaska, Anchorage present hands-on neuroscience activities for all ages.
Connect with an expert to find out what they do, how they do it, and experience the engaging aspects of their work through an interactive project.
The Indoor Flea Market & Craft Fair is a monthly event that supports Love Inc. Anchorage. 
What inspires you? What gives life to your soul?
Enjoy winter, learn to skate ski with Anchorage Parks and Recreation.
Join the outdoor gym, learn to ski with Anchorage Parks and Recreation.
Enjoy winter, learn to classic ski with Anchorage Parks and Recreation.
Enjoy winter, learn to ski with Anchorage Parks and Recreation.
Learn to ski with Anchorage Parks and Recreation.
Learn to ski with Anchorage Parks and Recreation.
Come to Willow for the 55th Annual State Willow State Winter Carnival. The 2016 theme is sandhill cranes. Two weekends of fun indoor and outdoor activities for all ages and interests.
Preschoolers love story hour.
Popping, rocking, grooving, and all of your favorite hip hop dance styles and moves
Come and join in the fun at VivaVoom Brr-Lesque presenting: Lovetease.
The 2016 Science for Alaska Lecture Series will run on Tuesdays, Jan. 19 through Feb. 23.
"Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" will be playing for new and old fans alike.
It's time to vote for your favorite super hero.
Come learn and make an operation game.
Read to a service dog in a 20-minute session.
Join in for LEGO club.
Fire scorched splintered wood doors and windows that have been reclaimed and constructed from the devastating loss fill the Leah J. Peterson Gallery at Alaska Pacific University, opening Feb. 5, 2016.
An exhibition of textile work created by Alaskan fiber artists.
Textile artist Amy Meissner uses traditional quilt forms to communicate a contemporary viewpoint on tradition, life, history and memory.
A fun event for the whole family. Join us for this first annual, frozen lake run/walk (jogging strollers and sleds are welcome). Warming tents will be available at the end with hot drinks and snacks. Kids receive a finisher medal, adults receive a family-friendly recipe book inspired by local chefs. All funds raised benefit Sand Lake Elementary School to help fund library books, field trips, the science fair, the spelling bee and more.
Go on an icy river rampage!
Adaptation and resistance, exaggeration and lies, dreams and memories are recurring themes in Nicholas Galanin’s work. He draws upon a wide range of Indigenous technologies and global materials when exploring ideas through his art.
Come see an extremely diverse cast of Alaska locals and support STAR. Tickets available online.
The Alaska Speedskating Club offers opportunities for people of all ages who have any level of previous skating experience to learn how to speed skate.
In his book, "In the Shadow of Boone and Crockett: Race, Culture, and the Politics of Representation in the Upland South," Ian Hartman explores American race theories concerning people of the upland South.
The Westchester Lagoon Family Skate is a great opportunity for the whole family to get outdoors and savor those beautiful, crisp winter days in Anchorage.
Tumble down the rabbit hole with Alice as she embarks on a fantastical adventure through a wonderland of peculiar stand-out characters such as the Mad Hatter, the Cheshire Cat and the Queen of Hearts. 
A wacky comedy which features a down-on-his-luck lounge musician who finds himself playing in an Anchorage night club, where he is soon joined by a gorgeous mother/daughter team of professional assassins, who are there to perform their next “hit.” These dangerous women have only a sketchy idea of what their next victim looks like, so it could be anybody -- the bartender (Devin Frey), the down and out lounge player, or some hapless victim in the audience...
Explore a work in the Anchorage Museum’s collection through open-ended questions and participant-driven prompts.
Travel back in time and experience the massive volcanic eruptions that shaped the Earth and solar system.
Draw close to the campfire and gaze into the starry night sky out on the range.
Discover why the sky is blue, why Mars is red, and more in this adventure along the cosmic color spectrum.
Every year the Royal Observatory Greenwich runs an international competition called the Astronomy Photographer of the Year (APY).
Learn how the airplane has changed the world. Filmed in 18 countries across all seven continents, “Living in the Age of Airplanes” renews an appreciation for one of the most extraordinary and awe-inspiring aspects of the modern world.
Narrated by two Athabascan Native Alaskans, “Aurora Storm” teaches about the causes of the aurora and how humans who live in the arctic are inspired by what they see.
Observe Alaska’s iconic brown bears as they nurture cubs, fish for salmon, and play in their natural environment.
The predominant stereotype of the Arctic is that it is a place untouched. “Portraits of Place” breaks open the idea of a pristine landscape and replaces it with a North that is both inhabited and complex.
Fairbanks award winning photographer Charles Mason visits 14 small U.S. zoos.
Rhonda Scott paints hometown Anchorage sites and reminds everyone why it is so great to live here.
The Gynecologic Cancer Survivors Course is a free, two-day seminar open to cancer survivors, family members, friends and medical professionals.
The Rhythm Heals concert, featuring SHEL and No Evidence of Disease, is part of the 2016 Let Every Woman Know Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Weekend.
Authors Sherry Simpson, Benjamin Busch, Elliott Ackerman, and Lea Carpenter will lead a two-day multi-genre workshop for 24 evenly-apportioned civilian and veteran writers.
Meet the Anchorage Museum’s reptiles and marine animals, explore the hidden layers in candy and learn how to create a static charge.
Bank of America and Merrill Lynch cardholders enjoy free Anchorage Museum general admission on the first Saturday of every month in 2016 as part of Bank of America's nationwide Museums on Us program.
Preschoolers and toddlers create, experiment and play with a variety of hands-on activities and demonstrations.
Learn how to safely reload Center Fire Rifle ammunition and save money.
First time cross country skier. Need to tune your racing skills. These lessons are for all.
Do You Have A Passion For Helping Children Learn?
Shop for handmade, secondhand and re-purposed items from Re:MADE at this monthly indoor flea market to support Love INC Anchorage.
Alaska Native artists’ perspectives are featured in this exhibition curated by Drew Michael.
Join this critique group for writers of all genres, at all levels of experience, to share, edit and learn.
West Coast Swing, hustle and country western 2-step lessons, beginning and intermediate levels.
For more than a decade, the Rasmuson Foundation has been giving annual grants to Alaska’s museums to acquire contemporary art. This unique program has allowed museums throughout the state, to purposefully build their collections.
This exhibition offers a unique opportunity to view some of the newest additions to the Anchorage Museum’s extensive collection.
Art Kids draw, paint and sculpt creative art projects that investigate new media and techniques.
Weekly Cribbage tournaments. Nine games. Players needed.
A beginners Salsa class is from 8-9 p.m. for $10. A Bachata class is from 9-9:30 p.m., followed by a dance party that is only $5.
Catch the show at the Museum's planetarium every Saturday at 5 p.m. from now until the end of April.