Aug 5 2015

Alaska Housing Finance Corporation's free energy efficiency class discusses how air leakage has dramatic effects on energy efficiency, building durability, and occupant comfort.
Stop by the senior center and get some great deals on tons of yarn. You wont find any better deals than here.
Discover the remarkable stories, culture, and places of Talkeetna and the northern Susitna Valley while learning an effective way to learn about and introduce others to your own distinctive community and environment.
Anchorage Chamber Music Festival includes an intensive chamber music program, competition, concert series, special guest artist masterclasses, parents program, outreach project, and new music premieres. 
Come on in for a tour of the production facilities, just up the road from the winery and get a first-hand peek at how they make their  handcrafted country wines.
This practice group is open to ukulele players of all skill levels.
Understand your options if you or a loved one can no longer live comfortably and safely at home. The fair includes seminars and information about independent housing, assisted living, in-home services, skilled nursing care, long-term care planning and more.
Hear from guest speaker Julie Estey, public affairs for Matanuska Electric Association.
Digitally altered photos of Common Ravens.
First Friday art show from 5-7 p.m. August 7 with Andrea Patton, with 10% of proceeds going to the American Heart and Stroke Association. The show continues through August 31.
Eagle river nature center building [nid:2462706]
Join Zion Lutheran Church staff for Vacation Bible school.
More than 30 years of aurora photography across Alaska's stunning vistas.
Sing songs, play games, eat tasty snacks, and learn exciting Bible stories all while experiencing the Thailand culture and Jesus love for us.
Jesus is at work through us. That is what Camp Discovery is all about. 
"Blast to the Past" — Time travel back to explore the Bible. 
The Divas will gather to ride at Abbott Loop Community Park trailhead.
Call for poetry, prose, articles, art and photos
Enjoy an evening with legendary musher Rod Perry and the film “The Amazing Trail,” that’s dedicated to the brave men and women who have ran the Iditarod Race.
Mari Reeves, a biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, will share her knowledge of Alaskan amphibians and their mysterious limb deformities.
This is an event everyone can do and an event that will help you keep on moving through the summer days.
Great American Taxi returns to Alaska this summer with a new band lineup.
This open-source international exhibit showcases the incredible variety of light-based science being researched today across the electromagnetic spectrum, across scientific disciplines, and across technological platforms.
Learn Israeli, American and other folk dances. No experience or partners required.
Learn new skills at Sports Camp.
Free docent-led tours of the Alaska Botanical Garden daily through August.
The show the Alaskan Department of Tourism does not want you to see...
Join professionals from all industries at CommEx, a two-day communications and public relations conference in downtown Anchorage featuring nationally-recognized keynote speakers.
These walks will focus on the birds that make the Anchorage Coastal Important Bird Area a special place. 
Enjoy a visit to 1920s Anchorage.
Join our docent Wed-Sunday at 1:30, for a 3/4 mile walk around the Rodak Loop to learn about the history, flora, and fauna of the Eagle Rive Valley
Yoga in the park is a free event that is open to the public. Bring your yoga practice outdoors and enjoy the beautiful Alaskan summer.
 Based on the magical game from the Harry Potter series, Muggle Quidditch is a cross between handball and dodgeball, with a few added quirks
Archival photographs, art, artifacts and memorabilia showcase the rich history of baseball in Anchorage and throughout the state, including how late 19th century icebound whalers spread ashes on sea ice to form baseball diamonds.
Immerse yourself in a race to the Moon 40 years after the historic Apollo landings.
Observe Alaska’s iconic brown bears as they nurture cubs, fish for salmon, and play in their natural environment.
Marvel as the Northern Lights shimmer and glisten overhead through time-lapse footage captured in the Arctic Circle.
Experience a ride through the snowy forests of Lapland, visit reindeer herds living in the tundra and learn how they survive the extreme cold where no trees can grow.
This animated adventure explains one of the greatest geological events in Earth’s history: the separation of the supercontinent Pangaea.
Step into the dark, grab a penlight, and experience the wonder of polar night inside the museum.
Florian Schulz’s photographs reveal a world teeming with life amidst complex natural systems that fuel our global economy and affect our health and environment.
Sea ice provides hunters and whalers with vital access to resources, it helps to moderate the world’s weather, and it is home to much of the microscopic life that supports some of the world’s most valuable fisheries. Explore the historical role this material has played in the Arctic.
Join a museum docent for a 45-minute guided tour and learn about Alaska’s history, art, indigenous people and more. Tours vary each day and include museum highlights and tours of the Anchorage Centennial exhibition “City Limits.” For the daily schedule visit the front desk or call (907) 929-9215. Included with admission.
An Official 2015 Centennial event,  Cyarno’s puts the frosting on the 2015 Centennial cake with a series of 10 theatrical “Living Newspapers."
This family friendly environment is for those families who would like to learn or are currently learning strings through the Suzuki method!
Join the fun with local magicians at the weekly Magic Luncheon. Cards, coins, ropes, and other great magic will be shared. Don't miss out.
Iain Stewart is a signature member of the National Watercolor Society, a skilled workshop instructor, and an internationally-acclaimed architectural illustrator. He teaches architecture in watercolor at Auburn University.
Our goal is to assist and encourage each member to develop speaking and leadership skills in a friendly atmosphere.
Runners run through downtown Anchorage before heading out along the scenic coastline and through the city’s wooded greenbelt. 49K ultra, marathon run, walk, relay; half marathon; 5K August 16, kids 2K, and one mile race on August 15
Everyone is welcome -- Bring your voice, your instruments, your songs, or just sit back and enjoy the show.
Toastmasters empowers individuals to become more effective communicators and leaders.
Join us every Wednesday as Hard Rock Cafe showcases a local artist.
The Dimond Talkers club and Toastmaster International’s mission is to provide tools to help members improve leadership skills and become competent public speakers.