Feb 11 2016

Your weekly wellness program.
TWS is a place to write and share with peers and occasionally hear from a professional.  
Would you like to use a laptop or iPad?
Would you like to use a laptop or iPad?
Experience delicious cuisine, prepared by tomorrow's great chefs!
UAA Student Activities is proud to present Dan Savage on Feb. 11 at 7:30 p.m. at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium.
Every Friday is family movie night at Anchorage Public Library. Grab a bag of popcorn or a snack and settle in for a new favorite or classic movie. 
An evening of chamber music featuring ASO musicians.
 The presentation will highlight systems suitable for use in homes and greenhouses, with an explanation of function, associated costs and the feasibility of implementation.                                                 
It's time to jig. Join the Northern Lights Celtic Dancers for a beginner dance class series of eight lessons for $60. Ages 5 through adult are welcome.
On February 11th, Guilty Pleasures is teaming up with Anchorage Concert Association, in honor of their presentation of "Potted Potter," and screening "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" starring Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Alan Rickman.
If you can't seem to lose those stubborn pounds, aches, fatigue symptoms then this four-week small group program is for you.
Do you want to meet a book with a great personality? Check out a blind date.
Drawing on the special relationship that the Native people of southeastern Alaska have always had with nature, Blonde Indian is a story about returning. Told in eloquent layers that blend Native stories and metaphor with social and spiritual journeys, this enchanting memoir traces the author’s life from her difficult childhood growing up in the Tlingit community, through her adulthood, during which she lived for some time in Seattle and San Francisco, and eventually to her return home.
Learn the basics of operating a boat in Alaska.
Bike Anchorage is excited to announce the 7th Annual Winter Bike Fest. They have tons of fun events to celebrate Anchorage as the best Winter City.
The Municipality of Anchorage Project Management and Engineering Department and its consultant team, Lounsbury & Associates, have completed the Design Study Report (DSR) for the Spenard Road Reconstruction Project, Phase II, Hillcrest Drive to Benson Boulevard.
ADOT&PF releases draft Alaska State Rail Plan; invites Alaskans to review the plan in Online Open House
Free Tax Help Is Available.
Michael Conti is a photographer and video artist based in Anchorage. Conti’s solo exhibition at the Anchorage Museum will focus on hockey from social, cultural and gender perspectives.
This exhibition celebrates the contemporary work of Alaska artists.
Alaska Native artists’ perspectives are featured in this exhibition curated by Drew Michael.
Enjoy winter, learn to skate ski with Anchorage Parks and Recreation.
Enjoy winter, learn to ski with Anchorage Parks and Recreation.
Learn to ski with Anchorage Parks and Recreation.
Help return to a time where democracy meant one person, one vote.
Preschoolers love story hour.
The 2016 Science for Alaska Lecture Series will run on Tuesdays, Jan. 19 through Feb. 23.
It's time to vote for your favorite super hero.
Join in for fun, hands-on activities for your future kindergartner starting school in 2016.
Fire scorched splintered wood doors and windows that have been reclaimed and constructed from the devastating loss fill the Leah J. Peterson Gallery at Alaska Pacific University, opening Feb. 5, 2016.
An exhibition of textile work created by Alaskan fiber artists.
Textile artist Amy Meissner uses traditional quilt forms to communicate a contemporary viewpoint on tradition, life, history and memory.
Adaptation and resistance, exaggeration and lies, dreams and memories are recurring themes in Nicholas Galanin’s work. He draws upon a wide range of Indigenous technologies and global materials when exploring ideas through his art.
Andrew Mitton, a local attorney with Vellum LLC with over 16 years of experience, will cover the following items in this workshop: the negotiation process, the transaction documents, owner-financing, and business valuation methods.
Grab a partner, lace up your shoes, and get ready to shed pounds, inches off your waist line, gain muscle and… have the most fun you ever had while trying to doing it.
The Alaska Speedskating Club offers opportunities for people of all ages who have any level of previous skating experience to learn how to speed skate.
Travel back in time and experience the massive volcanic eruptions that shaped the Earth and solar system.
The predominant stereotype of the Arctic is that it is a place untouched. “Portraits of Place” breaks open the idea of a pristine landscape and replaces it with a North that is both inhabited and complex.
Fairbanks award winning photographer Charles Mason visits 14 small U.S. zoos.
Rhonda Scott paints hometown Anchorage sites and reminds everyone why it is so great to live here.
Meet the Anchorage Museum’s reptiles and marine animals, explore the hidden layers in candy and learn how to create a static charge.
This progressive class will be taught with a casual. easy-paced approach.  Baby’s needs always come first.  
First time Cross Country skier? Trying to tune up your racing skills? These lessons are for all abilities.
First time cross country skier. Need to tune your racing skills. These lessons are for all.
ActingUp Senior Drama Troupe at ACT
Do You Have A Passion For Helping Children Learn?
Alaska Native artists’ perspectives are featured in this exhibition curated by Drew Michael.
West Coast Swing, hustle and country western 2-step lessons, beginning and intermediate levels.
For more than a decade, the Rasmuson Foundation has been giving annual grants to Alaska’s museums to acquire contemporary art. This unique program has allowed museums throughout the state, to purposefully build their collections.
This exhibition offers a unique opportunity to view some of the newest additions to the Anchorage Museum’s extensive collection.
Art Kids draw, paint and sculpt creative art projects that investigate new media and techniques.
Play the most popular card game in the world. Come join us, all ages welcome.