Oct 10 2015

Three speakers on topics of interest to Alaskans and Investors; GCI, Peter Pounds, Senior VP and CFO - "A Wall Street Perspective", Alaska Airlines, Marilyn Romano, Regional VP - "Alaska Airlines Business Discussion" and State of Alaska, Neal Fried, State of Alaska Economist, - "State of the State".
Open for children ages 4-9. There is no charge for parent participation. In each class will explore yoga breathing, centering, balance, and relaxation through games and poses.
Child and sensory friendly movie, ‘Hotel Transylvania 2'. Trailers and advertisements are omitted. House lights are on low and the sound is turned down.
Visit gas giants in a deadly dance with their host stars, frozen rogue planets hurling through space, and new planets drifting within the Goldilocks Zone, an area where scientists believe Earth-like worlds may exist.
A unique opportunity to enjoy Anchorage's food trucks in a warm and cozy dining atmosphere during winter. Order outside, eat inside.
As another presidential election cycle begins, we invite you on a madcap ride through the past 226 years of presidential history.
Learn the basics of tree and shrub installation from Paul Guzenski of Paul’s Tree Service.
 The event will feature 50 women-owned businesses in Fairbanks.    The community can shop at, support, and learn about participating businesses.
Photographer Steve Brooks is showing his Alaskan photography during the month of October. 
We're all drummers whether you know it or not; your heartbeat, tapping your toes, the rhythm of your walk. Add a few more beats to your repertoire of rhythm at the Percussive Arts Society of Alaska's annual Day of Percussion. No experience is necessary.
Learn from a member of the FBI on how to protect yourself, your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews in this age  of social media and the Internet
West Coast Swing, hustle and country western 2-step lessons, beginning and intermediate levels.
Short Attention Span Theatre rides again...
A fabulous fete for supporters of dance and the arts in Alaska. This one-night-only performance premieres several exciting new works in collaboration with local and national choreographers, and includes pre- and post-show discussions, appetizers and aperitifs, a silent auction, and DJ dance party into the night.
Who was Sakyumuni Buddha?
This family-friendly event will focus on the preeminent pack hunter of the north and give visitors an up-close look at the Alaska Zoo’s wolves with engaging wolf-related activities.
Yoga for parents with children 3 years and older.
Enjoy the African Grey Parrot's 21st birthday.
 The good and evil within humankind collide in a horrific confrontation in this retelling of Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale of horror. 
Create a new logo for the ACO and win $150.
Starting from ancient times, learn about the history of planetary discovery, especially that of Pluto, and how it has led to an amazing mission to explore the Kuiper Belt. Explore the New Horizons spacecraft, its mission to dwarf planet Pluto, and how the scientific method applies to our understanding of the Solar System.
"Love is a strong psychic force... It can work untold miracles."
This exhibition offers a unique opportunity to view some of the newest additions to the Anchorage Museum’s extensive collection.
The Anchorage Museum is redefining the traditional museum experience. Visitors explore Vincent van Gogh’s masterpieces in larger-than-life proportions. Be prepared for a vibrant symphony of light, color and sound, combined and amplified to create an unforgettable multi-sensory experience.
The museum invites you to engage in sustainable museum solutions, participate in a green audit, develop curatorial content, explore new exhibition ideas and design, pitch an event, program or project.
Think, create and compose during this open gathering for all ages. Explore new materials and processes.
Imagine, build and play during this open gathering for ages 2 to 5 years old and their caregivers. This session features “Imagination Playground,” an innovative play system that allows for creativity and promotes collaboration and communication through child-directed play.
Celebration of female outdoor enthusiasts to run 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.; entire families welcome 
A celebration of Alaska writers and their books is the culminating event of the 2015 Alaska Book Week and includes special recognition of winners of the UAA/Alaska Dispatch News Creative Writing Contest and Letters about Literature.
Printmaker Bryce Nicolasa Fredrick presents her first solo exhibition.
It's Gotta Go Fundraiser for the American Diabetes Association.
The Great Alaska Book Fair celebrates Alaska Book Week. Readers have a chance to meet their favorite Alaska writers during the Great Alaska Book Fair.
Come learn about how the AKCIS system can help you get ready for college and careers past high school. 
Loussac Library is actively recruiting program assistants, technology coaches, and more.
Uncomfortable with Facebook? Come to Cyber Saturday.
Alaska Dance Theatre presents an all Alaskan cast in "A Midsummer Night's Dream."
Test your creativity: build a city or a spaceship or whatever you like.
Noted Alaska children’s author Tricia Brown ("Charlie and the Blanket Toss" and "The Itchy Little Musk Ox") will share one of her books at Family Storytime. 
Want to learn how to shoot a bow and arrow? Instructors from the Northwest Archers club will be offering their expertise Saturday mornings at the Kincaid Annex.
Ms. Paula Stuart-Warren, a well-known genealogical editor, instructor, lecturer, and an author of many books, will present 4 hour-long lectures to help with your genealogical pursuits.
Danger Money is back at the Hard Rock Café for another night of awesome music featuring their new lead singer Jennifer Brown.
Art Kids draw, paint and sculpt creative art projects that investigate new media and techniques.
Meet the Anchorage Museum’s reptiles and marine animals, explore the hidden layers in candy and learn how to create a static charge.
Lithuanian Poet Judita Vaiciunaite (1937-2001) with be highlighted
Kick back and relax with fellow nurses while enjoying food, drinks and entertainment.
Enjoy fun, hands-on workshops led by women working in STEM careers. For girls in grades K-8.
The third annual Trending Topics in Nursing Conference, presented by the Alaska Nurses Association, offers nurses the opportunity to earn credit hours while learning about nursing leadership from experts in the field.
Guests will enjoy a scavenger hunt, canine touch table, wolf-themed storytime, kids craft and coloring station and more.
Extend a helping hand and heart to those on hospice and their families during life's most challenging journey. Learn to support persons nearing the end of life, and their families, while sharing your skills or talents as a Hospice of Anchorage Compassionate Companion volunteer.
Sculptures by father and son creative team Joe and Jessie Hamilton of Rocket Joe Films will be featured.
Learn the basics of keeping an indoor worm box, as well as pointers on building a low-cost system
This 8 week program starts September 21-November 14 and consists of 3 classes per week, coaching, nutrition, accountability and online support.
See handmade pottery, where each piece has its own story.
Come and join us for our Season 11 Opener; a Tribute to ROCK!
Mat Su Career and Technical High School’s Business Professionals of America (BPA) Chapter is hosting its third annual Fall Bazaar.
Do your Christmas shopping, have lunch, and buy a tin to fill with your choice of a variety of homemade cookies.
Join Girl Scouts of Alaska for fun, friends and learning. Event is open to all girls in grades K-12, regardless of Girl Scout membership.
Join John Damberg and Cameron Cartland for a Brazilian percussion workshop. This is an all ages and all skill levels class for anyone interested in percussion or Brazilian music.
Vendors from across the globe offering the latest in bead and jewelry merchandise.
In this 3 hour workshop we will be teaching lots of different patterns, variations, turns, and styling that will make you look and feel like a pro.
HomeChoice is for anyone interested in buying a home. The course is designed by Alaska Housing Finance Corporation to give Alaskans the knowledge necessary to become an informed homebuyer.
Enjoy a cultural experience and more.
The Camera Club at UAA presents creative interpretations as expressed in varying forms of media, all within the realm of photographical arts.
See high quality, handmade in Alaska items.
 In the large community room, you can find items from holiday decorations, baby sweaters, afghans, dolls, antiques, beautiful handmade jewelry, unique glassware and so many other interesting items.  
PMI Alaska Chapter will be hosting a preparatory course for the Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) credentials each Saturday from September 26 to October 17.  This course will aid participants in preparing for the credential examination. 
Weekly Cribbage tournaments. Nine games. Players needed.
Take a $10 beginner Salsa class from 8-9 p.m. then take a $5 Bachata class from 9-9:30 p.m. After classes will be a party that goes until 1 a.m.
Teen Writing Society is a place to write and share with peers and occasionally hear from a professional.
Discover the Gospel of John. Women of all faiths, or no faith, are welcome
One of the most gifted and influential singers and songwriters of our time.
Register now for the 48th annual Bonny Sosa Tuesday Night Race Series.
Reduce stress and tension through movement
Join Adison every Tuesday and Thursday on the sundeck for 45 minutes of Zumba and 45 minutes of strength training.
Artist Liz Ellis exaggerates her experiences of her daily life through unconventional materials and perspectives. Her September exhibit at APU will be lively with powerful sculptural paintings.
Ted Kincaid's Holy Beasts child-like drawings raises Alaska's wildlife on a pedestals of honor and importance for their role in our natural and social environment.
Learn Equity Investment from the Alaska State Board of Directors of Better Investing with presentations by Public Stock Companies GCI, Alaska Airlines, and a State of the State Economy Presentation by Neil Fried (State Economist).
Come be enchanted by Disney in Concert Magical Music from the Movies with projected video clips from iconic Disney films, and four leading vocalists
Come be enchanted by Disney in Concert Magical Music from the Movies with projected video clips from iconic Disney films, and four leading vocalists
Come be enchanted by Disney in Concert Magical Music from the Movies with projected video clips from iconic Disney films, and four leading vocalists.
Come be enchanted by Disney in Concert Magical Music from the Movies with projected video clips from iconic Disney films, and four leading vocalists.
This play will force you to hear with your eyes, as you find yourself suspended between the worlds of the deaf and the hearing.
This open-source international exhibit showcases the incredible variety of light-based science being researched today across the electromagnetic spectrum, across scientific disciplines, and across technological platforms.
Art journals are illustrated diaries or journals on any theme. Art journalists are invited to bring their projects to the Innovation Lab for a fun, creative, morning.
Join our docent Wed-Sunday at 1:30, for a 3/4 mile walk around the Rodak Loop to learn about the history, flora, and fauna of the Eagle Rive Valley
Want to meet other knitters and enjoy social knitting? Check us out.
Archival photographs, art, artifacts and memorabilia showcase the rich history of baseball in Anchorage and throughout the state, including how late 19th century icebound whalers spread ashes on sea ice to form baseball diamonds.
An Official 2015 Centennial event,  Cyarno’s puts the frosting on the 2015 Centennial cake with a series of 10 theatrical “Living Newspapers."
A beginners Salsa class is from 8-9 p.m. for $10. A Bachata class is from 9-9:30 p.m., followed by a dance party that is only $5.
The 35+ Singles Dance Club of Anchorage seeks to bring together singles over the age of 35, for dancing, friendship and social interaction.
Come listen to some fun stories at Title Wave -- every Tuesday and Saturday on the stage.
Do you like strategy games like the Japanese game of Go or backgammon? It's time to join the fun.