Sep 4 2015

Celebrate Labor Day weekend and enjoy lots of music, dancing, and making great memories at Alaska Dance Promotions.
See Shiree Farmer and her amazing collection.
Local artist to feature her birch bark creations.
Photography and painting by local artist Dan Twitchell.
Stand up comedy debate. Classy and sophisticated.
A bit of delight, a bit of insight. It's all there if you choose to look. Prints on canvas and paper.
Walk on the wild side and view originals, prints, and other forms of art from Dan and our other gallery artists.
Ellen Davis presents a new body of photographic work.
Lush, Larger-Than-Life Florals, Wildlife and 3-D Works
“Art For Alaska Parks” finalists are revealed.
Sara's Gift Cache is hosting a fundraiser to create comfort baskets for the STAR Alaska clients.
Take a $10 beginner Salsa class from 8-9 p.m. then take a $5 Bachata class from 9-9:30 p.m. After classes will be a party that goes until 1 a.m.
Chow down on the fair food, scream on the rides, pet the farm animals, play the carnival games, gamble on the mouse, buy fun stuff, stare in wonder at giant veggies, watch Native dancers, listen to music, drink beer and... whew! much, much more.
Learn to make homemade Ice Cream with Wild Scoops
Open enrollment for beginner dancers now through September 15th.
Teen Writing Society is a place to write and share with peers and occasionally hear from a professional.
After all the State Fair hubbub, treat yourself to a little R&R at Manitoba Cabin and Yurts. 
Movement to reduce stress and tension
Have you ever wondered what people across the equator see as they peer into the night sky? Join us as we travel to 61 degrees South in this live show.
Have you ever wondered what people across the equator see as they peer into the night sky? Join us as we travel to 61 degrees South in this live show.
Join Adison every Tuesday and Thursday on the sundeck 45 minutes of Zumba and 45 minutes of strength training
Come enjoy great originals and covers. Great folk, country and rock music.
Panelists Edgar Heap of Birds, Princess Lucaj Johnson, Aaron Leggett and others discuss the different edges around the legacies of Captain Cook and other "explorers" who claimed and renamed places with a long history of use by indigenous people.
Meet the Anchorage Museum’s reptiles and marine animals, explore the hidden layers in candy and learn how to create a static charge.
Preschoolers and toddlers get creative, experiment and play with a variety of hands-on activities and demonstrations.
Get a behind-the scenes look at an Anchorage Museum conservator in action.
Enjoy beer flights in Muse restaurant on First Friday.
This multi-artist performance presents indigenous perspectives on the legacies of Captain Cook’s voyages.
Volunteers pull a wagon along the Red, Yellow, Purple and/or Green trails on the fairgrounds and help collect plastic bottle, aluminum cans and corrugated cardboard.
Gretchen Hancock and Michele Usibelli are both nationally recognized award winning artists who both work in oil "en plein air" and in their studios. 
Artist Liz Ellis exaggerates her experiences of her daily life through unconventional materials and perspectives. Her September exhibit at APU will be lively with powerful sculptural paintings.
Ted Kincaid's Holy Beasts child-like drawings raises Alaska's wildlife on a pedestals of honor and importance for their role in our natural and social environment.
Ioana Lobontiu explores in writing and photography her return to Romania, her childhood memories and the overall theme “reality in relation to nostalgia”.
This free class is for people who are representing themselves in divorce and custody cases. 
Theater Without a Net stars a cast of local improvisors (and a special guest or two) creating live, unscripted, comedy theatre - never seen before (or again).
Out North and the Alaska Humanities Forum are proud to present the art exhibit “North to the Future” featuring the work of young Alaskan artists.  
HenOne and a couple of friends take the audience on a tour of their creative process and the local events that have shaped their world in the last ten years.
In the middle of a howling snowstorm, a bus out of Kansas City pulls up at a cheerful roadside diner. 
Come on in for a tour of the production facilities, just up the road from the winery and get a first-hand peek at how they make their  handcrafted country wines.
Digitally altered photos of Common Ravens.
Beautiful human and avian forms express Christina Fenner's love of Alaska and all its extraordinary attributes.
Joe Kashi's photographic shadows and light create dramatic spooky perceptions.
Call for poetry, prose, articles, art and photos
Swing dancing happens weekly outdoors on the patio (weather permitting). Music and dancing provided by Back 2 Basics Dance Company. Come enjoy the sun, friends and good food. Dancing is free, but please patronize City Diner as they allow everyone to party on the patio.
Enjoy an evening with legendary musher Rod Perry and the film “The Amazing Trail,” that’s dedicated to the brave men and women who have ran the Iditarod Race.
This open-source international exhibit showcases the incredible variety of light-based science being researched today across the electromagnetic spectrum, across scientific disciplines, and across technological platforms.
Come as often as you’d like, stay as long or as little as you need.
Grammy-nominated comedian and New York Times best-selling author Jim Gaffigan will spread laughter at the Fair as part of his Contagious national tour.
Enjoy a visit to 1920s Anchorage.
Join our docent Wed-Sunday at 1:30, for a 3/4 mile walk around the Rodak Loop to learn about the history, flora, and fauna of the Eagle Rive Valley
All you golf and disc golf enthusiasts, listen up.
A different section of the Torah is assigned for each week at the Friday evening and Saturday morning service.
Archival photographs, art, artifacts and memorabilia showcase the rich history of baseball in Anchorage and throughout the state, including how late 19th century icebound whalers spread ashes on sea ice to form baseball diamonds.
He’s Grammy nominated, he’s New York Times best-selling and he’s contagious. 
Step into the dark, grab a penlight, and experience the wonder of polar night inside the museum.
Florian Schulz’s photographs reveal a world teeming with life amidst complex natural systems that fuel our global economy and affect our health and environment.
Sea ice provides hunters and whalers with vital access to resources, it helps to moderate the world’s weather, and it is home to much of the microscopic life that supports some of the world’s most valuable fisheries. Explore the historical role this material has played in the Arctic.
Get a behind-the scenes look at an Anchorage Museum conservator in action. Ask questions while the conservator repairs and preserves cultural and historical objects at a mobile conservation station, and learn how a conservator applies knowledge of materials and scientific methods to care for the museum's collection.
Join a museum docent for a 45-minute guided tour and learn about Alaska’s history, art, indigenous people and more. Tours vary each day and include museum highlights and tours of the Anchorage Centennial exhibition “City Limits.” For the daily schedule visit the front desk or call (907) 929-9215. Included with admission.
Learn good technique, fun moves, variations, and styling for the social dance floor
An Official 2015 Centennial event,  Cyarno’s puts the frosting on the 2015 Centennial cake with a series of 10 theatrical “Living Newspapers."
A beginners Salsa class is from 8-9 p.m. for $10. A Bachata class is from 9-9:30 p.m., followed by a dance party that is only $5.