No detectable amounts of radiation associated with the Fukushima nuclear disaster that followed the 2011 Japan tsunami were found in Alaska seafood this year, state officials say.
Chris Klint
Some say the removal of a metal platform from Campbell Creek Park has reduced the numbers of drunken, aggressive people hanging out there. But others say the problem has shifted elsewhere. 
Marc Lester,Devin Kelly
As world leaders began talks in Paris on solutions to global warming, the National Park Service on Monday released a report detailing agency efforts to address threats to parks from climate change.
Dan Joling | Associated Press
An independent company drilling for oil and gas in Cook Inlet is urging legislators to be cautious about changing the state's production tax credit system or risk killing off some projects.
Alex DeMarban
The Alaska Department of Transportation used an artillery piece Sunday to lower avalanche danger along the Parks Highway near Denali National Park.
The Associated Press
The state of Alaska struggled to find the right place for Gilbert Nashookpuk, a convicted sex offender who'd been in trouble with the law from the time he turned 18. Now, he's charged with killing his caretaker at an Anchorage assisted living home.Alaska NewsMichelle Theriault Boots
Alaska Gov. Bill Walker is heading to Washington, D.C., to attend the U.S. Capitol Christmas tree lighting and to testify before a U.S. Senate committee.Alaska NewsAssociated Press
Getting the world's governments to reach agreement at the United Nations' climate conference in Paris is going to require careful politics, but the effort may be up against a tougher challenge: mathematics.Nation-WorldChris Mooney | The Washington Post
For the last seven years, a coffee stand inside Hiland Mountain Correctional Center has served up espresso to staff, inmates and visitors as both a fundraiser and skill builder.Alaska NewsSuzanna Caldwell

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75 feet in the air, Fairbanks 'space needle' has colorful, tragic past

The clubhouse that sits 75 feet in the air has been deemed Alaska’s “tallest, farthest north space needle” by its owner, and its history is defined both by wild inventiveness and tragedy.Laurel Andrews

News & Politics

Alaska inmate again charged with attempted murder in prison attack

An inmate at Seward’s Spring Creek Correctional Center has been charged with attempted murder in an August attack on another inmate. Mark Todd Spencer, 47, faced the same charge in 2011.Alaska Dispatch News

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With monthly culture day, Shungnak school links students with their heritage

A culture-first approach at the Shungnak school is reconnecting students in the Northwest Arctic village of Shungnak with their  heritage, through programs like an Inupiaq word of the day, or sessions where elders teach students traditional methods for butchering seal.Shady Grove Oliver | The Arctic Sounder


  • Shoppers traded bricks for clicks on Monday, flocking online to snap up "Cyber Monday" deals on everything from cashmere sweaters to Star Wars toys.

  • Across wide swaths of Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State, with the goal of building a credible government, has set up a predatory and violent bureaucracy that wrings every last U.S. dollar, Iraqi dinar and Syrian pound it can from those who live under its control, or pass through its territory.

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When moose and motorcycle collide on an Alaska road

A solid, sickening thump could be heard on impact, and left a motorcyclist wondering if her riding partner and husband was seriously hurt, or worse after a collision with an Alaska moose.Yonah Lempert Luecken