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Nearly 250 people crowded into the school commons to hear the latest on the long-proposed project that has pitted the School District against residents of a nearby subdivision who worry about increased traffic, noise and bright lights that they say will come with the stadium. 
Tegan Hanlon
More than 50 people attended the eighth and final hearing conducted by Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell on the marijuana initiative Tuesday, with a couple of dozen people arguing that legalizing marijuana is either a sensible action and a matter of personal choice or a grave threat to children that opens the door to addiction and wasted lives
Dermot Cole
Democrats have raised questions about Sullivan’s Alaska residency history over the course of the campaign and noted that Sullivan voted absentee in Alaska’s 2008 general election -- a year he also declared Maryland his principal residence for tax purposes.
Nathaniel Herz
As of Tuesday, Alaska remained one of only a few states that had not reported patients infected with enterovirus 68. Children younger than five with asthma run a higher risk of developing a more serious illness from the virus, state health officials said. 
Tegan Hanlon
The business sign above Rainbow Spa off Tudor Road has been removed following the arrest of a woman allegedly practicing prostitution out of the small space, where, according to Anchorage police, sexually exploited women were living.
Jerzy Shedlock
As the U.S. Senate candidates prepare to square off in a fisheries debate in Kodiak on Wednesday, Republican Dan Sullivan faces a challenge to draw votes away from incumbent Democratic Sen. Mark Begich, who has built a reputation as a fighter for the industry.Senate Race 2014Nathaniel Herz
Since 2008, more than 60 percent of Alaska hunters use four-wheelers. My observation is that 60 percent is low. When caribou season began in the Denali Highway area this season, it seemed like every pickup and motorhome was being pushed by a trailer full of side-by-sides, six-wheelers and camouflaged four-wheelers.OutdoorsJohn Schandelmeier
As the state’s work on the Susitna River mega-dam continues, a new private proposal has surfaced for a smaller dam on the nearby Talkeetna River, loved for its salmon and rapids.EnergyZaz Hollander
OPINION: Ask your Alaska lawmakers and candidates to pledge their support for individual liberties for individuals, not corporations. CommentaryGershon Cohen


Runners set out when ready at the Skinny Raven Pub Run on Tuesday, Sept. 30, 2014, in downtown Anchorage. Participants could register at 5 p.m. and then were encouraged to head onto the 5-kilometer course by 6 p.m., finishing up at McGinley's, Flat Top Pizza & Pool or Snow Goose Restaurant.
Erik Hill


Art of squeezing in a workout while at work tough to master

Many Alaskans share the challenge of having a 40-plus-hour workweek and a desire to get outdoors as much as possible. Juggling work and outdoor time can be tough, but satisfying if you pull it off.Alli Harvey


Biologists spot huge gathering of walruses on beach near Point Lay

With floating ice sparse in the Chukchi Sea, an estimated 35,000 walruses were found crowded onto a beach Saturday near the Northwest Alaska village of Point Lay, according to federal biologists. Yereth Rosen

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Dateline Alaska: Papa, my pillar

I am strong. You are a child, and I will care for you. Life can bring many burdens. For now, sit on the net and enjoy the bumbly ride to the boat.Laureli Ivanoff