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A man who says he's a "lifelong Republican" in a campaign ad for U.S. Sen. Mark Begich has been registered as undeclared since 2000, according to state records. The man also says he voted for Republican Sen. Lisa Murkowski, but he did not vote in Murkowski's most recent election.
Nathaniel Herz
Sherrie Daigle, deputy director of the Alaska Department of Corrections, said one man was treated in the city at Bartlett Regional Hospital and released back to the jail. The second man was medevaced to Anchorage, where he remained in the hospital Wednesday.
Tegan Hanlon
Though no one was seriously injured when a White Pass & Yukon Route train derailed near the Alaska-Canada border last week, one passenger said the accident "could have been a hell of a lot more serious than it was."
Megan Edge
The final audit of an Anchorage physician charged with fraudulently billing Medicaid found that he allegedly charged more than $1.1 million over the course of four years of appointments that never took place, prosecutors said Wednesday.
Laurel Andrews
The head of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corp. estimates that this year's Permanent Fund dividend checks could double from last year in a payout of between $1,500 and $2,000.
Sean Doogan
OPINION: Craig Medred's latest misunderstanding qualifies for a job in the Parnell administration.CommentaryShannyn Moore
6,000 people are expected to attend Salmonstock in Ninilchik this weekend. The festival, now in its fourth year, will feature more than 60 bands on three stages over the course of three days. MusicChris Bieri
The Inupiat have a name for walrus with extra tusks, says Mary Sage of Barrow, who shared photos of the spoils of a recent hunt: Tulugiagruaq. 
Kyle Hopkins
Until recently, the Arctic Ocean's central Beaufort Sea was ice-covered throughout the summer. But with a greater expanse of open water, scientists are tracking how waves and well-traveled swells could accelerate the loss of summer ice.ArcticPete Spotts


Attacks on Parnell appointees disrespectful of their service to Alaska

OPINION: Despite what Shannyn Moore thinks, Ben Mohr and Tom Maloney are people who deeply believe in helping Alaska, and they deserve more than cheap shots.Jeff Landfield


Merlots you may have missed

Merlot has a somewhat tarnished reputation, but don't let that fool you -- some of the greatest wines in the world are merlots, and you can find high-quality California and Washington examples for a bargain. Mike McVittie

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Fairbanks radio station to drop APRN for budget reasons

The public broadcasting stations in Fairbanks, faced with a $170,000 budget cut, plan to withdraw from the Alaska Public Radio Network at the end of August, KUAC Manager Keith Martin said.Alaska Dispatch News


Mapping and distorting the Arctic

Maps can look very different, depending on which nation's interests are represented or whether development or environmental protection is the focus.Mia Bennett