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It's been a year since the Pebble Partnership lost two major investors, taking with them numerous jobs in a region that had few to begin with. Now the communities are adjusting to their new reality.
Suzanna Caldwell
The price for pinks, posted at about 28 cents per pound, seems too low to generate much of a post-sockeye fishing effort by many Bristol Bay fishermen.
Dave Bendinger
As the oil tax debate rages on, Alaska's iconic oil pipeline system hit a milestone this month; it has now moved 17 billion barrels of North Slope crude oil.
Wesley Loy
For three weeks every July, the mouth of the Kenai River becomes Alaska's fourth largest city -- populated by net-wielding residents hellbent on filling their freezers with sockeye salmon.
Sean Doogan
From 3-D printers to workshops to "Shark Tank" on a train, Alaska Entrepreneurship Week offers a variety of opportunities for inventors, dreamers and would-be tycoons.BusinessSean Doogan
OPINION: It is important that facts about oil tax reform be given proper context in the run-up to Alaska's primary election.CommentaryAndrew Halcro
OPINION: How can voters weigh competing claims about the initiative to change Alaska's minimum wage that will appear on the November ballot? They can listen and ask questions of two experts who will share different perspectives.CommentaryKevin Waring


Race rookies shine in Crow Pass Crossing

Saturday was a day for race rookies -- Christy Marvin won her first Crow Pass Crossing and two of the top three men's racers were also first-timers. Mike Nesper


On the trail of the monuments men: Border crews cut 20-foot swath on Alaska-Yukon line

Three crews are wielding chain saws and brush cutters this summer on the 141st meridian, hoping to clear a 20-foot swath along 130 miles of the Alaska-Yukon border, one of the most unusual dividing lines in the world. Dermot Cole

News & Politics

Wounded but focused, tea party favorite Joe Miller tries again

Four years after Joe Miller's stunning Republican primary win against Sen. Lisa Murkowski and just as stunning general election loss a few months later, he's trying again, hoping to defeat two substantial primary opponents and Democratic Sen. Mark Begich. And this time, he's hoping to avoid the missteps that ultimately doomed his 2010 campaign.Alex DeMarban


Tougher fishing-net rules urged in Finland to protect rare seals; plastic-use curbs urged in Sweden to protect oceans

Conservationists are urging Finland's Ministry of Agriculture to do more to protect critically endangered seals from fishing-net entanglements, and Swedish experts call for cuts in use of plastics to protect the ocean environment. YLE News and Radio Sweden