As part of its case against the EPA, lawyers for the Pebble mine partnership have sent out a flood of subpoenas to activists and organizations seeking years of emails and other communications.
Alex DeMarban
Alaska's investment earnings last year plunged by nearly 70 percent from the previous year's record earnings of $8 billion. The drop comes as state leaders are increasingly looking to use the Permanent Fund to pay for state government.
Pat Forgey
A drive to make a city out of Big Lake is revealing a deep split between residents seeking more local control and those leery of any more government at all.
Zaz Hollander
Last week, surging waves eroded the beach near the Kivalina airport, eating away 10 feet of land along the coastline of the threatened Chukchi Sea barrier island before residents were able to stabilize the bank.
Carey Restino | Arctic Sounder
A man was found lying in the street at East 12th Avenue and Gambell Street, unconscious and severely injured. He was later pronounced dead.
Devin Kelly
When Shell announced it would end its entire program in the offshore U.S. Arctic, the hyperbole and finger-pointing began in earnest. But the record shows that much of the blame-placing and credit-taking is based on misunderstandings and myths.EnergyYereth Rosen
While talking with two friends just inside a university entranceway, I saw a creature scampering in our direction just outside the glass doors. My first though was of a misdirected red squirrel running on the concrete. But this guy was longer, and bounded like a Slinky. A weasel!ScienceNed Rozell
The popular Tony Knowles Coastal Trail will be closed from Westchester Lagoon to west of Lyn Ary Park during the day starting Monday and ending Oct. 16. AnchorageDevin Kelly
Since 2007, as fall sea ice has retreated, Pacific walruses have hauled out near Point Lay on Alaska's North Slope by the thousands in what has become an iconic image of climate change. But how long have they been doing it?WildlifeKamala Kelkar

News & Politics

Proposal may ease access to education services for FASD

A proposed change in state regulations would expand the range of professionals who can diagnose fetal alcohol spectrum disorders in Alaska students, making it easier for them to receive accommodations in school.Tegan Hanlon

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Free national park passes for kids could be a boon for entire family

As part of a nationwide initiative that emphasizes lifelong health, federally managed outdoor agencies recently joined President Obama to launch the Every Kid in a Park Pass program, available through Aug. 31, 2016.Erin Kirkland


Chris Thompson: Fr. George Shaloub on end times, monasticism and marriage

In August, I attended the annual Eagle River Institute at St. John Orthodox Cathedral in Eagle and was fascinated to hear a series of lectures on “Christianity in the Arab World” by Fr. George H. Shaloub. Before returning to his home in Michigan, Fr. Shaloub fielded some questions on religious diversity, eschatology, monasticism, and marriage.Chris Thompson


  • In Oregon, the divide between urban places, which are booming — especially the state’s largest city, Portland — and rural ones, which are largely struggling, has often shaped the debate over guns and other social issues. 

  • The medical charity Doctors Without Borders said its hospital in the northern Afghan city of Kunduz was hit early Saturday by an airstrike_apparently carried out by U.S. forces -- and several hospital staff were killed.

We Alaskans

Scientists relying more on traditional Alaska Native knowledge

For years, scientists visited the Arctic, conducted their research and left -- with residents' lives not bettered by the visit. Today some scientists are trying to change that dynamic.Diana Campbell

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Fish in a flash: Bear Tooth chef shares her go-to cod tacos recipe

SPONSORED: Need a quick dinner idea? The marinade for this fish taco recipe is a simple concoction of colorado sauce and beer, and it works its magic in only 10 minutes -- incidentally, the same amount of time it takes to preheat the grill.Presented by Eat Alaska