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A Parnell administration commissioner who wrote to state retirees on official letterhead this week, mentioning that he is "very grateful for Governor Parnell's leadership," defended the document by saying it doesn't mention the election next week, so it is not an improper use of state resources for campaign purposes.
Dermot Cole
The state of Alaska on Friday released nearly 600 pages of emails and other documents related to problems within the Alaska National Guard.
Alaska Dispatch News
The state argued that Randell Rowton’s repeat offenses and admission of “hands-on” sex abuse of minors merited a harsher sentence. Prosecutors are also asking for restitution for victims identified in the images.
Jerzy Shedlock
The federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management on Friday released a draft environmental study of oil development in the Chukchi Sea, completing one of the many legal steps required before drilling resumes in the remote Arctic area where Shell conducted a mishap-laden drilling program two years ago.
Yereth Rosen
A head-on collision on the Seward Highway north of Girdwood late Friday morning killed one person and critically injured another, according to Alaska State Troopers. 
Jerzy Shedlock
With the Alaska National Guard scandal raising questions about trust and accountability in Gov. Sean Parnell’s administration, his re-election team has tried turning the tables on opponent Bill Walker, hammering him over every inconsistency or vague response.Governor's Race 2014Alex DeMarban
Independent Alaskans, known for their libertarian streak, were a key reason activists threw their support behind Alaska’s effort to legalize recreational marijuana in 2014. But with only days before the vote, it's anyone's guess whether those live-and-let-live folks will go to the polls, and which way they'll vote.Marijuana Initiative 2014Suzanna Caldwell
Among the 21 Alaska legislative races in Anchorage this year, those in one district stand out: Senate District K in West Anchorage. None of the area's three incumbents are running for re-election, creating hotly contested races for the state Senate and House.2014 Legislative racesSean Doogan
At the Arctic Circle Assembly in Iceland, representatives from around the globe pledge cooperation. But many of the toughest questions facing the region have yet to be answered.ArcticCraig Medred


Vote yes on Ballot Measure 2; end Alaska's failed prohibition of marijuana

OPINION: It's irrational to continue wasting money and time prosecuting adults for using a substance less harmful to them than either alcohol or tobacco.Dr. Tim Hinterberger


Lost? In trouble? These Alaska dogs will sniff you out

Creating a mission-ready dog/handler team doesn't happen by accident. It takes about two years to certify in any of the search disciplines represented by teams of Alaska Search And Rescue Dogs.Lisa Maloney


Chris Thompson: Alaska's Presbyterians

Three major Presbyterian organizations across the U.S., and Alaska, include the Presbyterian Church (USA) (PCUSA), Presbyterian Church in America (PCA), and ECO: A Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians. Each are represented here in Anchorage and, to a greater degree, across Alaska.Chris Thompson

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Report on Merrill Field crash highlights pilot decision-making

A Cessna 150 crash at Merrill Field in August 2013 was caused by loss of engine power due to fuel exhaustion during a go-around and a subsequent aerodynamic stall, according to the NTSB probable cause report released Thursday.Colleen Mondor


At Arctic Circle Assembly, as in Arctic, a delicate balancing act

At the Arctic Circle Assembly in Iceland, representatives from around the globe pledge cooperation. But many of the toughest questions facing the region have yet to be answered.Craig Medred

We Alaskans

Wild darkness

Death is nature. Nature is far from over. In the end — I must believe it — just like a salmon, I will know how to die, and though I die, though I lose my life, nature wins. Nature endures.Eva Saulitis