The village of Hooper Bay is grieving after the suicides of three young people in less than two weeks, the most recent one on Sunday night.
Lisa Demer
Alaska campaign finance regulators are investigating a political fundraising group for which Gov. Bill Walker’s deputy chief of staff served as treasurer.
Nathaniel Herz
Alaska State Troopers have tentatively identified the victim of a fiery plane crash near Houston High School Thursday afternoon.
Chris Klint,Zaz Hollander
The loan will provide long-term financing to support a new primary care clinic and renovation of the existing hospital, which opened in 1981.
Lisa Demer
Parts of Southeast Alaska can expect winds in excess of 60 mph, as well as 2 to 4 inches of rain, as former hurricane Oho deteriorates into a “non-tropical cyclone” headed north into the Gulf of Alaska.
Chris Klint
Alaska's northernmost community is feasting on whale after a successful fall season that included 15 bowheads landed, plus a bonus whale whose death is under investigation.  Rural AlaskaAlex DeMarban
Annual crime data released last week by the FBI shows a 20 percent increase in murders over 2013, but it doesn't necessarily indicate a trend, one expert said.Crime & JusticeJerzy Shedlock
So far, the remains of 19 of the 52 airmen onboard the C-124 Globemaster II cargo plane that crashed in the Chugach Mountains have been identified.MilitarySean Doogan
Alaska Rep. Don Young barreled through a live CNN interview and straight into Twitter fame Thursday following the House meeting where Rep. Kevin McCarthy announced that he’s out of the running for Speaker of the House.Alaska NewsErica Martinson

News & Politics

Walker says lawmakers can agree on one thing: a need for Medicaid reform

As a lawsuit over Medicaid expansion continues to play out in court, six legislators met Thursday on party-specific panels and highlighted that the public health care program for low-income Alaskans will again rise as a hot-button and derisive issue during the upcoming legislative session.Tegan Hanlon

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It's time for Alaska to pony up in taxes -- and guard the Permanent Fund

OPINION: Those want to avoid taxes at all costs would reduce the value of Alaska's Permanent Fund and do long-term damage to the state. Let's keep the Fund and pay our way.Clem Tillion


UNESCO sees bright side to Shell's Arctic pullout

UNESCO is cheering Shell's planned departure from the Chukchi Sea, saying oil exploration efforts there posed a threat to Russia's Wrangel Island Reserve some 360 miles to the west. The Wrangel Island reserve is the only designated World Heritage site in the Arctic.Alaska Dispatch News


We Alaskans

Homeless in Anchorage, caught in brutal grip of Spice

I saw the faces of people who have come here for a better life or a new chance, but now are struggling. I saw Native elders and their children, and young people. I saw people searching desperately for work, hoping for a way to sustain themselves. Craig Headley

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Fish in a flash: Bear Tooth chef shares her go-to cod tacos recipe

SPONSORED: Need a quick dinner idea? The marinade for this fish taco recipe is a simple concoction of colorado sauce and beer, and it works its magic in only 10 minutes -- incidentally, the same amount of time it takes to preheat the grill.Presented by Eat Alaska