Bethel fish trials coverage: Subsistence versus salmon science

Craig Medred
Loren Holmes photo

No matter how it's addressed, subsistence, for all of the absolute stances posited by people of various perspectives, is a messy topic. Those who advocate fishing when they need to are not necessarily opposed to conservation. Indeed, many pushing for constitutional changes also agree that wild food resources, including salmon, must be available for future generations. 

  1. 1 Alaska king salmon dilemma that played out in Bethel defies easy solutions

    More than a few people in the windswept, far Western corner of Alaska wanted the trials last week of Kuskokwim River fishermen to be a moratorium on the bycatch of Chinook salmon in the Bering Sea.

  2. 2 Showdown of subsistence vs. fishery science unfolds in rural Alaska courtroom

    Challenging the law: Nearly two dozen Alaska Native fisherman cited for illegal fishing last summer say the state has failed to uphold their religious and cultural rights to fish for king salmon.

  3. 3 Judge: Salmon run's survival trumps religious rights of Alaska Native fishermen

    Does a salmon run's survival trump the religious needs of Yupik Eskimos in far Western Alaska? A judge ruled on the salmon's behalf, Monday, with the expectation that 25 fishermen would appeal to a higher court.

  4. 4 Cultures collide in Bethel court with future of Kuskokwim kings hanging in balance

    Assembly-line justice played out in a Bethel courtroom as the Alaska Native defendants from last summer's fishery revolt on the Kuskokwim River said their piece and awaited their sentence.

  5. 5 Alaska subsistence salmon case draws to a weird close in Bethel courtroom

    Things got a little weird in a Bethel courtroom on Wednesday. Defendants and lawyers phoned in. The courtroom was dim. And one defendant was a former corporation president.

  6. 6 Photos: Bethel fish trials pit salmon science against Native religion

    Not far from the banks of the still solidly frozen Kuskokwim River, a series of trials aimed at establishing the fishing rights of the Yupik Eskimos of far Western Alaska  opened Monday with a victory for the salmon still far at sea.

  7. 7 Photos: Bethel fisherman trials, day two

    Most of the fishermen on trial were contrite, some tearful, one or two a little angry about being charged with violating a ban on fishing for Chinook salmon intended to prevent damage to the species.

  8. 8 Kuskokwim elders may get fishing priority over others

    New idea: If Chinook salmon once again fail to return to the Kuskokwim River in western Alaska, elders may still get a chance to fish for them. Here's how. 

  9. 9 Kusko salmon trial: Alaska game managers defend closure as essential

    Alaska Fish Trials: While fisherman from the Kuskokwim River push a religious defense for violating Kuskokwim River closures last year, the state of Alaska is making the case it did the right thing.

  10. 10 Who are the 'real heroes' of the Kuskokwim River king salmon shortage?

    While the movement is unified across the Alaska Federation of Natives members, it would be a mistake to assume all indigenous Alaskans are unified on the issue of fishery closures.

  11. 11 For Alaska Natives and native-born Alaskans alike, subsistence is a birthright

    OPINION: The rights of Alaska Natives, and of native-born Alaskans like my family, to the wild game of the land, and of the sea is culturally and historically a birthright. And yet, the issue remains contentious.

  12. 12 Alaska Natives rally for restored aboriginal hunting, fishing rights

    Subsistence: Plagued by a patchwork of jurisdictions and layers of management, Alaska Natives are fed up with thwarted access to traditional foods.

  13. 13 Alaska Natives bristle at state fishing restrictions: 'Stay out of my life'

    Protecting a way of life: AFN members are mounting a fight against what they call the broken regulatory frameworks impeding their ability to hunt moose and caribou and fish for salmon.