Alaska Dispatch's Best of the Week (Sept. 8-14)

Craig Medred

Big news in the Far North this week: Plans for a new runway stall at Alaska's largest airport, another famous feline steps in to pay the veterinarian bills for Mayor Stubbs, the recently wounded cat mayor of Talkeetna, homebrew fuels a standoff between Alaska State Troopers and a resident of the Alaska village of Alakanuk and Craig Medred follows Jon Krakauer further "Into the Wild." These and other stories were among the best of the week from Alaska Dispatch, Sept. 8-14, 2013.

  1. 1 Krakauer goes further 'Into the Wild' over McCandless starving to death in Alaska

    Author Jon Krakauer has outdone himself in his latest gyrations trying to justify his made-up tale romanticizing the death of Chris McCandless, who most likely starved to death 20 miles from Alaska's Parks Highway.

  2. 2 Sluggish growth stalls Anchorage airport plans for new runway

    Airport officials on Thursday night said they're moving forward using a slower approach that phases in changes and expansion, rather than going straight for a new runway.

  3. 3 Beachcombers turn up pieces that may be from missing Alaska pilot's plane

    Pilot Brendan Mattingley and his plane vanished in the early-morning hours of Oct. 13, 2012. Now, investigators believe that pieces from Mattingley's plane have washed ashore south of Kodiak Island.

  4. 4 Small independent energy producers trying to elbow in on big Alaska utilities

    Mike Craft, co-owner of the Delta Wind Farm, filed an informal complaint with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska last month in an effort to force the commission to reconsider its rules governing how utilities negotiate with smaller power producers.

  5. 5 Mayor Stubbs: Wily Alaska cat's vet bills paid by another well-known feline named Morris

    Talkeetna's famous 16-year-old cat, an honorary Alaska mayor, is back home and on the mend as well-wishers far and wide send cards and money.   

  6. 6 Recalling Alaska's most notorious drunken moose, the street-smart Buzzwinkle

    Drunk but not disorderly, the saga of Buzzwinkle the street-smart moose that wandered the streets of Alaska's largest city looking for fermented apples to fuel that buzz he cherished.

  7. 7 Flying to Aniakchak Volcano provides one last summer adventure

    Alaskan pilots seeking the flight of a lifetime should consider departing for Surprise Lake, to peer at the heart of the mythic "moon crater" at the top of Aniakchak, an active volcano.

  8. 8 Blu MensWear: Last stand for men's fashion in Last Frontier

    Unless your style inspiration is Shaun White, Jimmy Buffett or Pitbull, well, most Alaskan men are kind of screwed. Which is why Blu MensWear owner Renee Curzie deserves an award for steadfast style outreach to the men of the 49th state.

  9. 9 Homebrew-fueled assault prompts standoff with troopers in Alaska village of Alakanuk

    Francis Damian Jr., 43, allegedly beat his girlfriend Sept. 7 because he thought she’d stolen his homebrew, then pointed an AR-15 at trooper William Connors, who came to investigate following the domestic violence report.

  10. 10 How the 'Love Boat' helped fuel economies of Southeast Alaska

    The TV show didn't just boost cruising, it also boosted Alaska by coming to the state to film many episodes, highlighting one of the industry's most popular and profitable destinations. 

  11. 11 Series: Perils of Prohibition in rural Alaska

    For three decades, alcohol has anchored the debate about the future of rural Alaska.